Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Climate Change Waffle

Did any body hear Chris Packham on 5 live yesterday?

He was on spouting a load of rubbish about climate change, I haven't heard
too much of it of late on TV in general or radio.

Yesterday however old packham was also slagging offjeremy  Clarkson for being an idiot etc...

Now whatever opinion you have about Clarkson at least he is not afraid of pointing
out the obvious about Global Warming bollocks.

Yesterdays radio programme featuring Packtard spouting a load of rubbish and
using the old trick of the righteous of trying to talk down to people and labelling them
with names.

This situation is wrong on so many levels its not even real, the persistance of the BBC
lickspitlle Packham and associated chums there to protect all their pension money
(alledgedly Most of the BBC has it's pension pot invested in Geen Technology Stocks) is

It seems there is a long way to go still before the corpse of Climate change is put to rest.

The other thing that really pissed me off was the presenter, who if I remember correctly
was that coke snorting moronic half wit Richard Bacon what an utter no talent sniggering
waste of oxygen twat faced bollocks he is.

Bacon just seemed to giggle & snigger when Packtard was having a go at Clarkson
and didn't challenge Packtards view at all.

If anything needs sorting out soon it's the Left wing Fuckwits at the BBC if not
we will end up with another 15 years of communist shite pouring at our expense
like a broken USSR toilet.

They let up for a couple of weeks but have started it again no doubt even though
the new Government is axing is advertising budget good Old Auntie will fill
in on the bollocks as usual.
And before any body points out that I am name calling also, then whats
good for the goose etc.....

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Building a Bar

Been busy working this week again so not had time to post again much, apart
from being busy with my normal work, I have also been using my spare time constructively.

As there seems to be less and less places to go for a drink around where I live,
 and the ones that are left behind after the smoking ban are either full of old cronies or the
other type filled with dickheads.

Now you see an unintended consequence of the Smoking ban and the silly Taxes levied
on the the Licensing trade and alcohol Taxes etc..
Is that the crones who still go out ( ex public servants - no doubt on their gold plated pensions from our council tax money) congregate in fewer and fewer  pubs, and also the dickheads have also
gone into concentrate in to the rest of the pubs left.

So I decided to build my own bar outback, I had already built a deck and pergola job a couple
of years ago so it was just a matter of extending what was there.

Its turned out nice as well,  nobody to tell you off, nobody to tell you not to smoke (I like a cigar with a drink)
and it has been a real pleasure sticking one in the eye of the busybodies and best of all

I can invite who I want as it's my bar.
bring your own bottle or sup what I provide, as no money is exchanged there are no laws
covering my private bar other than the normal ones covering property.

I went to the bother of doing this as there were no obvious signs from Cleggeron's Lot about
the smoking ban and what I have on alcohol is not good.

So cheers all!   will be having fun kitting it out with pumps and optics etc over the coming weeks
and that is what it's all about FUN not that the drones know how to have it.

I am sure this is what got pubs going in the first place - a gaff with a bar every other street away
swings and roundabouts I suppose.

You see no matter how hard you killjoys try there will be people like me who ignore all your bollocks
and continue to have fun our way and not yours.

Chin Chin.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Radio 5 Live

I have been busy this week so haven't had time to post anything, I did however
make a little appearance on radio 5 Live the other day monday the 17th May.

I rang up that Victoria Derbyshires program which I have never done before,
I got involved when they were talking about the Labour Leadership issue
just befor the 12.00pm news.

I wasn't intrrupted either which surprised me, I basically said they haven't got
a decent candidate to be Labour leader at all.

I called Ed Balls Creepy because he is and I couldn't think of anything nice to say
about him.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Mixed Up

I had a similar thought as Old Holborn, on the issue of the New labour leadership
after the FINAL depature of the one eyed snot Goblin.

It didn't take me long to think aye-aye here we go this is the left's opportunity,
to wheel in some mixed race individual slightly to the lighter side of dark.

Then after changing his original name to something more in line with policy
they can put the red rossette on his lapel.

Initiate gruesome forning over this individual to distract the attention of the press and the mongs for a bit leaving the LibCOn's dangling exposure wise, whilst getting on with ruining the economy.

And when the person with the right name the right accent the right haircut and right on views
is ready then on to the final stage : The Hero Building phase.

We saw this in the States with Barrry Oblimey, he came out of nowhere (it appears) but is really
just as hand picked as the rest of them.

Then the real sickening  part of this political pantomime is played out the false bigging up of this
new messiah.
These are my humble predictions for the future of Nulabour even if they pick one of the robot boy
Millibands in the meantime, it will not last I can just Picture Manglebums out now window shopping
for the next Election winning Leader of Nu Labour.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Gordons Memory Recovers

Merely hours after leaving office Gordon's memory appears to have
started to recover.
Our mole in Fife has told how Gordon has suddenly remembered where half our Gold Reserves
were all along.

But our insider has said Gordon will remain tight lipped at least until he and Mandy
can get their hands on a shovel, forklift truck and suitable transport.

The mole who had his ear firmly pressed to the Brown home's office door at the time of
learning about the stash commented :

"Gordons been under a lot of pressure lately"
"It seems leaving the stress of the No 10 Bunker has had a dramatic effect on his health & his memory"

This turn of events would explain the cryptic comments Lord Mangleboys was heard making to Alistair Campbell earlier today in London :
 He was overheard heard commenting  that he was going to buy Gordon a Metal Detector as a farewell gift but now he no longer needed to.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Here We Go

Been busy working and doing a spot of DIY in the garden today and yesterday
still got a bit to finish off tomorrow, so I had the pleasure of Radio 5 Lies live all day.

Now we have the final departure of the snot goblin, we can go on to the hung parliament
phase of the scenario playing out.
This is pretty much the best situation for all the politicians (which they wanted) as they can
now as I have mentioned before pretty much sit back and point fingers at one another.

They will be doing this as the financial system continues to be collapsed around us.

On the upside I cannot wait to hear BBC coverage over the coming weeks, as they
may have to actually start reporting on matters (until they get a cosy up proper with Lib/Cons).

This I am looking forward to immensely as they will struggle to actually do a bit of journalism
(cough) for a change, instead of the usual regurtating and parroting of communist centrals diktats.

Oh they didn't sound happy at the Beeb. 
The best bit of the day came with Nick Robinsons Introduction of Cameron
He said This arrival at downing street is not like the sunshine filled day full of happiness when Blair arrived 13 years ago.
Camerons arrival was a cold and dark one in comparison.

I am no Tory fan and certainly no Lib fan either but the sheer naked peevishness of the Beeb this
past day & a half has been political news entertainment of the best quality.

The roll call of Labour/Commie Tosspots,Liggers, Arse Lickers, Liars, Hypocrites, Delusional Mental Retards of all kinds has been a right laugh.

Just the BBC News at ten lot this evening was enough, they all had faces like a slapped arse - pure joy.

The comment I read somewhere about the day after Blairs election the one with the
champagne bottles being strewn in the corridors, I wonder what will be strewn throughout
the beeb tomorrow?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Gordons New Suit

Gordon Brown has been outfitted with a couple of new suits, his usual tailors
on Saville Row were a little perplexed as to
why he had ordered velcro backing to his new apparel.

                                          Rapper Dizzee Rascal on a
                                          visit earlier today at No 10

All was to be revealed earlier today however when Gordooms
use for his new suits became apparent.  Gordoom always one for prudence &
planning ahead ordered the new suits 2 weeks ago.

He earlier commented that they were entirely constitutional as was fitting velcro walls
and ceilings to the his Downing Street bunker.  Brown gave re-assurances that
the costs involved would be paid for out of his own pocket

Asked for a comment  on the situation Lord Mandleson said : " the new suit
gives Gordon a commanding poisition and is also very fetching in blue".

In a surprise visit Rapper Dizzee Rascal visited Downing street to give Mr Brown
some words of encouragement & was quoted as saying :
"He should get down from that wall innit man"
"Gordon Brown is one Crayzee MotherFucker if you ask me".

It remains unclear how long Gordoom can keep this up for, In tomorrows 4 page analysis
we will have Dr Hillary Jones on sabbatical from his usual GMTV spot.
Giving us the possible medical implications of glueing and velcroing  yourself
to a wall and remaining there indefinately.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Plan To Move Number 10

Another solution is at hand after the International Rescue attempts failed earlier today.
We now have to go to plan B.

Call in the MegaMovers from Channel 5 & Discovery channel.
They have given a reasonable estimate of £300k to jack up 10 Downing Street with Gordoom Inside
 & safely transport him up to his constituency.

Gordo keeps his shiney desk at No 10 and we can re-build the section of Downing Street with
cheap Labour from Eastern Europe.

Total estimate £320k  - £300 Grand for the Good ole U.S of A Moving Team and £20 Grand for the Polish type Building crew  Bargain!
Who said unfettered immigration is not useful !
Artist's Impression of the Planned No 10 Downing Street Move.

International Rescue Called!

Thunderbirds Are Go! The general public have called for International Recue to employ one
of their machines.   THE MOLE.

The Mole Pictured above is our only hope of extracting the               Prime Monster Gordoom Brown.
Lets hope The Tracy Gang at International Rescue can get to Downing Street quickly from their Tracy Island base.
The Monster Brown could be more of a formidable opponent than the Thundrbirds old enemy The Hood.
 Thunderbirds Are Go!


For Sale Ballot Machines.

I have For sale 5 Ballot Changing Machines that have had very little use  mint condition (used once actually)
One careful Male owner of all 5 machines.

Each Machine comes with a cast iron gaurantee that it will change the X on any kind of Ballot papers
for the one desired, capacity approx 20,000 Ballots changed per hour if required (full capacity).
Any interested parties please ring me on 07****5623 Business Hours preffered unless you are calling from an international destination e.g Zimbabwe,China, etc.. Then anytime.
No timewasters please, no canvassers £8,600 Per machine O.N.O First to see will buy !,
If buying more than one machine discount will be considered..
All machines currently distributed throught U.K but will be brought back to Scotland by : 10 May 2010
Local pick up only from Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland U.K. area & all inspections welcome.

Our Reputation Damaged?

Another point I nearly missed of course is a matter we are all kind of insulated from due to us being here
in the middle of it all.

And that is our reputation Internationally will be being damaged right now, it will make us look like
we couldn't run a piss up in a brewery let alone a shag in a brothel if our lives depended on it.

That is just my humble opinion but I'll bet some certain countries ar laughing at us right now, and that
just grinds my gears a little.

Well done Gordo you have unleashed that Jonah effect yet again you absolute clusterfuck of a human being.

This Whole Affair Stinks.

What the hall is going on? I have said in past posts that they were pushing for a hung parliament
so no overall party will get the blame when the financial stuff goes down bigtime.

But there is something very odd about what is happening here, and as I said a few weeks
ago I had discussions with people about the forthcoming election etc...
and I had the distinct feeling Brown & NuLabour would keep hold of power at all costs.

If this situation isn't resolved by Monday afternoon at the latest, we are all being played
(I know we usually are anyway but more so).

I get an uneasy feeling about what is happening at the moment and it's not because there is no landslide victory for a particular party, I get the distinct feeling if you swapped Labours role and the Tories
there would be no discussion, they would just buldgeon public opinon via the BBC etc... and just carry on.

Weirdness is pervading this election and I get the distinct waft of corruption, not just with the election day cock ups/lack of papers and facilities but the postal vote frauds also.

Nothing said about either hardly, like they are not an issue (sky have been covering the polling cock ups) to be fair.

But for how long? Long enough to wait for people to get distracted by something else perhaps? Like a world cup or something similarly distracting?

Then business as usual.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Cameron offers deal to Clegg

Things are looking up slightly if cleggy accepts cameroids offer we can see the snot
gobbler being told to pack his fucking bags yay!

Also weirdly enough Cameron said he would scrap the expensive and dangerous I.D card scheme
Woo Hooo!  Things are looking up

Nightmare Scenario

Aaaaarrggghhh wil the snot gobbler just fuck off now!
He's still clinging on if cleggy does a deal.

If he stays in power after today because of the Libtards there must surely be fucking riots in
the streets especially all those denied a vote last night AND all those dodgy postal votes still being counted in.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bushmills At The Ready

Got the supplies in for tonight, voting completed work out of the way for the day so grabbed a bottle
of Bushmills Triple Distilled for the evenings entertainment.

So I am looking forward to whatever transpires tonight hopefully an end to the snot gobblers reign of
stupifying terror.

Also I noticed no police at our local polling station (again) and there were no rozzers present when freinds
later voted (I asked them to nosey around for me).

So whatever I'll be over at G.O.T's Live blog hopefully before too many drinks take effect.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hung Parliament?

As I said in a previous post I get the distinct feeling that a hung parliament is on the cards, so that
when the financial crap comes down on us as in Greece they can all stand there pointing fingers at one another.

Or we could have a real upset and find many more Independent or smaller parties gaining seats, wouldn't that be something to be proud of.

I have just watched the BBC news they gave the final word to Broon I noticed, oh what joy it would be if every single M.P currently sitting lost it to someone new as payback for the expenses scandals.

It may not be likely but it would be glorious.

I have just noticed also that hazel Blears is running in the Salford constituency for Nulabour the cheeky bitch,
she is seriously despised in that constituency after the expenses debacle burnt her, only plebs and the feckless will vote for her again and if she does manage to hold that seat the people of Salford deserve all the crap coming their way they really do.

But you never know in Salford as elsewhere we may just see something great occur all three main parties getting a drubbing.

After watching the polls it is evident they haven't a clue what is going to happen.

 I will be watching with interest, it looks like the only choice where I am in the Blackley ward is between UKIP & the BNP looks like it may be a tough choice, but that is it in these parts and as Leg Iron points out
only the BNP has said they will sort out the smoking ban.

Whereas UKIP seem to offer all the Quango Scrapping goodness & E.U. scrapping of red tape etc...
Even if they don't do massively well a few M.P's from either party will stick one in the eye of the corrupt bunch of twats we have at the moment.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Election Postal Vote Rigging.

As pointed out by Dazed here Mail's report on postal fraud these are
typical New Labour tricks, this has been known up near these parts since the last election at least by
those who don't wear the horse blinkers.

And that is just the half of it, anybody brave enough to raise such concerns however has had the usual vitriol
and cries of racist/bigot etc... Poured on them from high by the righteous.

This is the problem with the imposition of thought crimes by the Left it masks at all costs the nature of
the situation as it really is.

Reality bites as they say, but still the righteous Left and die in the wool Red bracers wil just shrug shoulders
and twist reality around to suit their world view (along with the other two).

We are all racist,homophobes,stupid, bigoted young/old women and men you see.
That is the incorrect and unfair view held by those who seek to rule over us by whatever means necessary
reality does not count, only the happy clappy claptrap of the utopia envisaged by these people does.

Just listening to the various justifications of Brown calling a Granny a bigot by Labour supporters
last week involved some astonishing mental gymnastics of the worst kind, but try they did.

The scary part of this behaviour of supporting the corrupt and indefensible was by a lot of traditional Labour
supporters (no surprise there) but also more so by a lot of students from my observations.

Boy has that last 12 years of brainwashing in schools worked a charm, that is worrying as much as the
corrupting influences shipped in by Labour this past 13 years or so.

If this situation isn't got to grips with using the full force of the law then we will soon find ourselves living in
the Banana Republic it is slowly turning into permanently.

Burying our collective heads in the sand in order not to inflame sensibilities will not only do us all a great
disservice, but will have us in the control in certain swathes of the land by this fifth column  that have been welcomed both with open arms and closed minds.

What is the final cost of this social experiment enacted upon us?

That is the kind of question that is not easily answered whilst being under the constant threat of accusation
by the righteous.

If this situation is not reversed and rectified properly and this postal vote fraud is not stopped it is going to lead eventually to the exact opposite of what the righteous envisaged.

And that is a fractured, splintered, divided and more dangerous society, this is the future that awaits us all.

Is this what the Left really want's? Is this what they wish for us all? It's not what I want. 
It will not be the free Libertarian live and let live future we could all do with it will be the exact opposite.

Unfortunately yet again the great and good in our society have had their trusting nature and good intentions used against them by sad pathetic politicians of all colours and stripes who only have self interest at the centre of their intentions.

Staged Events For The Citizens?

Sorry about lack of posts recently to any of the few regular visitors, I've been busy last couple
of weeks working, travelling and playing (a bit).

There was a meeting today I caught on the news at that church/hall in London as far as I could gather
where Gordoom got up and talked rubbish as usual in a vain attempt to salvage his campaign for the General Election.

At this event a man who was described as a well known anti nuclear protestor jumped up and made
an arse of himself holding up a poster saying "NuKiller Power No".

He was also described as an anti smoking protestor, so a professional arse then, not satisfied with
one issue tearing away at his insides he has two issues with which to be righteous about.

However it still did not answer why such a well known protestor could make it inside, and why he seemed to put up little resistance when led off stage initially by one man only?

The whole thing seemed odd and staged in order to give Gordoom a boost possibly or just some attention?
Well maybe we will never know but it seemed phoney to me all the same.

There was at this Citizens UK shindig a couple of speakers other than Broon, one of which appeared
to be a priest or vicar of some sort.
 He appeared to be wearing a dog collar anyway so I can only presume, I also did not catch his name.

I bring this up as this man sporting the dog collar kept reffering to the audience as citizens?

What the hell is all that about? This meeting/rally was a barely disguised communist party get together,
one can only wonder why any Labour supporter of old would lap this crap up?

The loony/staged protester moron was not what disturbed me it was the rest of what was said that did,
The Gorgon even brought up slavery again just so he could give Barry Obama a mention.

 If you get a chance give it a look hereLoony protestor at weird commie rally, there was something
profoundly disturbing about the whole affair and I mean more than the usual lying guff the politicans come out with.
I can only presume it's going to be even weirder in the next couple of days before polling day.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Nick Robinson 2020

On the Brown bigot comment

Quote Pinched graciously from constantly furious :

Even official BBC lickspittle, Nick Robinson, says:

"For those of us that have known Gordon Brown for many years, what we have just seen is no huge surprise I have to say."

Below Nick Robinson former BBC and former NuLabour lickspittle Broon noser :

Nick Robinson (pictured above) Interviewed in the year 2020 about his revealing comments on the General Election campaign disaster that took place back in the year 2010.
The campaign took an unexpected turn after then P.M. G.Brown made comments about an actual member of the Public involving Bigotry.

"Nick" confided to our investigator (after being supplied with 200 Global Bank Credits) 
 (for his much needed supply of Fosters Super)
"Brown was always slagging off of the scum, it's just we press packers kept it all under wraps see"

"It's what yer did back then to keep us from going back to ITV News for a job an that"
"The BBC was a much better place to keep stuff like wot happenned from gettin out"

"The trouble was, was the bleedin' public couldn't trust em you see still can't can ya? There bleedin everywhere still are can't escape em"

"after that gaffe and mi comments I slid from being political chief correspondent for the Beeb and it was a downward spiral"

"can you give us some more Global Credits I'm geting the shakes ya see it's medical I need more fosters super"
"when I have a few more Fosters super the public go away, be a darlin would ya?"

* all the above happened with my time machine 
*and thats not Nick's real hair it's part of his hat

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gordon Brown Super Bigot

Well today has been like christmas and birthday time all rolled into one
Gordon Brown fuckwit tosspot extrodinnaire has fucked up royally.

Slagging off a 66 year old woman as a bigot you couldn't have made it up,
Gillian Duffy only pointed out concerns we all have in areas where they have dumped loads of

But under nulabour your not allowed to disagree as you'll be shouted down as a racist bigot,
the part you didn't see on tv news waas that most of Rochdale near where the incident took place is mostly
asian other parts are eastern european.

The white enclave they visited today are just that enclaves.

Rochdale is only a couple of miles north from here,
 and on the odd occassion I have had to travel through (I try to avoid)
 I have been racially abused by asian locals as well as threatened with violence and on one occasion recently they spat at me through my car window for no other reason than that I was white and on my own in the car.

Welcome to good old multicultural Britain folks, so todays massive gaffe by Broon has cheered me up no end as it finally shows the true face of nulabour should those choose to see it.

And that is agree with us or we'll call you names and punish you, were all racist you see we
just need educating.

Well from my own recent excursions north into Rochdale I get an education each time allright and so it seems has Gordoom Brown.

Oh the Irony.

Will have a drink or to to celebrate tonight methinks Inbetween bouts of spontaneous laughter.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Love And Modern Relationships

Bit long winded this post so sorry for that but it's not a subject I can keep short......

Somewhere in the not to distant past people got together as a result of local circumstance or in some cases "fate" was bestowed upon them and it can still happen, or maybe as happens frequently in some cultures around the world today people are paired in pre-arranged marriage type setups.

Couplings from all three arrangements set out above can either end up really succsessful for all concerned and for different reasons or can end up a sad disaster.

There seem to be no easy roads to paired bliss whatever your particular circumstance or personal & cultural leanings.

However there seems to be an elephant in the room when it comes to matters of the basics of building
some kind of family unit for oneself.   (In this country at least).

I am not talking about cultural splits or sexual preference divides between people as these issues have
supossedly been ironed out or so we are told.

It seems when I look around that the older baby boomer generation have fairly held stuff together and I am talking all races, religions and creeds here. But not in all cases.

Also when I look at say the middle class types and people of certain cultures here with us now I see an asseblance of marriages, attempted marriages for whatever reason and a general  air of giving it a go.

The other reflection I get from this kaleidoscope of human relationships are the feckless and the impulsive almost uncaring people, these people seemingly engage in all manner of destructive relationships in order to gain something.

This gain I talk of is usually financial but not always, sometimes it involves power or hereditary notions.

This is what always makes me laugh about the commonalities between the 'chav' type classes and the so named 'upper classes' they have so much more in common than either will easily admit.

Both sets of  'Chav & 'upper' classes seem to be fixated with money, belongings and territorial matters than
is healthy.

You could swap the clothes and situations of either and the same outcomes would undoubtedly play out.

There seems to have come about a situation in this country at least where it has been made almost impossible to engage in a relationship with somebody unless you are willing to fall into a trap, the sort the vietcong would be proud of.

If you are a single man in modern Britain now who happens not to be say of a homosexual persuasion or a foriegn culture or a chav or even a hooray henry type your options for a basic family set up are severely limited.

There are various reasons for this current situation most of which are to do with our politicians obsession with micro engineering society r.e. :  the benefits system, multiculturalism, religious pandering etc.

As a red blooded male finding easy sex is not a problem and not the kind you have to pay for either, but in the back of your mind you are ever vigilant to the potential pitfalls that await you.

  As for attempting a serious relationship based on love equality sharing caring etc... forget it you have to be mental these days to expect any of that in the longterm, sooner or later the system will catch up with you.

Most men in my eyes these days are just suckers in waiting or rather slaves in waiting, you meet a woman have a kid and how long before she gets fed up/bored of you?

How long before the combination of her friends and T.V take effect?

And think if you have children that will make all the difference? Erm... No the state(Tax Payer) will provide for them and your ex, And most of YOUR future earnings SUCKER!

I am talking as a childless male who has never been married before you cry out that I'm a bitter divorcee or something because i'm not.
I just figured this crap out for my self before being enslaved, I also am not a mysoginist either.

I just despair at the utter shambles politicans, single interest groups, sheer greed and even some religions have made of this situation.

You have to ask this question (honestly) and anwer it (honestly) before shouting me down to loudly
and it is this : Why would any man get married these days?
You'd have to be mental or seriously loved up as it's the only two reasons I can come up with.

The elephant in the room nobody want's to address : what's in it for us blokes anymore?

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Ballooning and Islam

Apologies to any readers however few you are I have been away for the past few days, busy on business & pleasure so been to busy to post recently.

I helped unfurl & setup a hot air balloon at the weekend with lots of other people and it was strangely involving a satisfying ( that's the ballooning bit).

Last Friday was a bit of a shocker for me as I was in Reading ( Berkshire) town centre on business and on the surface (and very center of the shopping district) all appeared to be the same as it was whenever I have visited before.

I am staying in a private residence and not a hotel a couple of minutes walk from the town centre itself and I have been here many times before and on all days of the week but the shock came at the number of Islamics
congregating on the streets and street corners this time around.

There seems to have been a fairly steady rate of people coming and going of all sorts but
the sheer number of what appeared to be a mixture of african and asian Islamics waiting for friday prayers
was astonishing.

I thought things were moving at a pace of change up in Manchester fairly rapidly but it appears here
in Reading also.

The thing is if you travelled from one of the leafy areas around Berkshire and only ventured in and out of the town centres in Reading you would be oblivious to the changes going on nearby, and furthermore would probably wonder what all the fuss was about.

I also could see the effects of the smoking ban and this greater influx of a different culture, and is the usual - pubs have closed down or gone polish (along with some off licences) and I even noticed the local Co-Op
a source of familiar goods to purchase has gone.

The Co-Operative shop has been turned into one of those strange cash and carry shops with all of the unusual foodstuffs on offer etc to cater for the newcomers.

Integration?  Not a chance.

I really feel seriously concerned for what our political masters of the last 25 years or so have done to this country all in the name of Multiculturalism.

Well as far as my experience goes recently there is no "Integration" only a takeover of traditional places
by foreign cultures.

If anybody reading this still harbours dreams and ideals of a happy clappy lets get together existence,
then I have news for you It's not going to happen the pace of takeover by the newcomers has simply pushed out traditional  English culture in this case an others, no negotiation just taken over.

Sooner or later the indigenous population will run out of places to escape/move to and then what?

I shudder to think of it but that's the problem that will eventually rear it's ugly head ,with wishy-washy thinking still continuing on the matter of immigration this will only continue unabated.


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

J.Dimblebollox 2010

I watched the campaign 2010 with Jonathan Dimbleby last night (Tues 20th Apr)

 Now I don't know wether to laugh,cry or be afraid ...very afraid
The three turns were :
Labours Harriet Harman a.ka The Man Hater Extraordinaire , Lib Dems Charles Kennedy (still looking confused  as to why he couldn't cotinue smoking indoors)
And last but not least the Conservative and normally fairly together Dr Liam Fox looking like he had lost the will to live.

The main points of utter nonsense came from J.Dimbleby who for some reason resembled someone who had ingested large amounts of M.D.M.A  at least I think thats what explianed the disjointed shit coming from his overall persona I am still not sure.

 I do not think it was that meow-meow stuff as it was banned by the BBC last week.

A main highlight turned up when Dimblebollocks grinning gleefully (or gurning still not sure which)
Turned his attention to the blogosphere!

All two of them! one being Guido Fawkes and the other Will Straw (Trench foot forward or something blog).

Now I cannot remember what Will said as it was utter Shite,

What did strike me was a quip Dimbleby came up with when he fed Guido some lines, which Guido sensibly avoided by saying it was strong language and not to be repeated etc....

J. Dimblebollox then sniggered and snorted and said something along the lines of "yes strong language can get you into a lot of trouble....."
With obvious reference to the devils kithen's mauling by he of the Shredded Wheat Hairpiece.

Now most of the audience was oblivious to J.Dimbleby's reference & ensuing sniggering which made him  seem madder than a cat on meow meow,
 And seemed to have the added effect of making Dr Fox looking  for a noose and Harmperson shuffling like she'd just remembered she had left the husband in charge of the AA batteries at home on his own.

I can't even get into the discussion they had on Trident Nuclear Submarines in case I have another nervous breakdown.

The audience was the usual Question Time rent-a-mob on the whole & the programme just left me disturbed instead of the usual anger.
Cannot wait for the leaders debate Thursday if I get a chance to gawp at it.........

Volcanoes & CERN

Now you will have to forgive me dear reader as with my last posting I have to ask you to don your ever handy tin foil hat.  (you bunch of nutters!)
I ask you this because a thought occurred to me yesterday re : the volacano eruptions.

Now normally, I would be along with the stranded passengers in foreign climes and be without a clue, likewise all of the pundits in the mainstream media are at a loss to describe the natural events
unfolding over the past week as they are  er... natural occurances.

Then I go to fetch my Columbo Hat and Cigars (Cigars being my favourite bit) start asking questions, and come back with a few interesting results.

At this juncture I have to point out that I was fairly tippled as regards to the Duvel Lager and Sprite shandy's I have consumed so  anything I say here is as a result.

 I was chatting with a retired electronics engineer/physicist earlier this evening about  the air space above Europe being shut down and how strange everyone was feeling about the issue, aside from all of the tabloid travel difficulties etc...

And I mentioned that whilst walking my dogs I looked up at the moon and could see the stars around the moon instead of the usual halo glow you get even though it was not even half mooon.

And then it struck me, I put the point forward to the physicist that on the 31st March this year they had fired up the LHC to full power and started experimenting and I speculated that maybe they were having skewed results.

I speculated that Even though the LHC thingy is massive and that it passes through three countries that having flying metal tubes and their accompanying bits i.e planes and jet engines/radar etc overhead might bugger up the readings from the detector on the LHC?

It would probably be handy to the LHC boys and girls to not have them doing so for a while......

This is a long shot & pure speculation but it would explain the complete ovvereaction to the complete (virtually) grounding of aircraft over Europe.

 As I said and It's probably the the beer talking but there is something strange going on, not the volcano erupting of course, but the flight ban?
The LHC thing is the best my warped mind has come up with so far, and to all those returning to the U.K you know a bacon butty has never tasted so good as when you get home, enjoy!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Talking to a voter or two

Today amongst the wafts of bbq's and the normal sunday comings and goings in the neighbourhood
I found myself talking to some local people about the election, and I am in despair at the sheer, dumbed down brainwashing that's gone on over the last couple of decades.

This brainwashing has however had some unintended consequences that the Lib/Lab/Con lot may
or may not have realised.

And the word on the street is a bit confused they didn't seem to want to vote for The big three especially not
the Tories (my cave is located in the middle of the socialist republic of Manchester don't forget).

The group of individuals (we were in the local shop) I was engaging with did not wish to waste their vote on an independent their words not mine by the way.

So I said anything but the main three would do whatever, and if lots of people voted for an independent then it would not be a wasted vote would it? (this part went on for a quite a while whilst I pointed out the logic).

This caused some consternation and furling of the collective brows and by this point I was losing the will
to live when one by one each of them admitted they would be voting B.N.P anyway "cos of all de immigrants"

Oh dear I thought, The unintended consequence of the big three or at least the Lib/Lab fit up for a hung parliament could be the BNP get a larger than expected leg up or even worse the Green melons get more than than they were expecting (please no).

This is the trouble when the spin machine breaks down from to much use it just causes this kind of situation.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Ponerology And The Smoking Ban

If you are still unaware of what is being done to you after reading this then there is no helping you.

I am writing the follow in my own humble opinion and nobody elses.

I simply ask this.

Question :
Why do families, interested groups & investors of all descriptions who used to happily exploit/supply
the western (and other) nations of the world with their tobbacco supplies easily give it up for alternative income/revenue streams? (when they were earning more money than they could spend from them,literally speaking).

Answer :
In my own humble opinion : and this is either going to have you running for the hills politically or
reaching for your aluminium foiled hat so be prepared.

The smoking ban had a purpose, there was/is an agenda afoot but it's side effects have distraced us

And I could go into all the effects on community destroying  and liberty destroying aspects all day and it will not make a jot of difference to the average joe on the street.

And it will not sway a single opinion of the righteous either.

Put simply the imbibing or act of smoking tobbacco (in whatever form that takes) be it the cigarrette,
 the e-cig, cigar, traditional pipe or hooka and that is :  you are less immune to the effects  of propaganda.

Thats as simple as it gets really, if you do not beleive me then go and reasearch the subject yourself and when you have got past the good/evil aspects of the psychology of the Ponerology subject you come back to
the basics.

And the basics are based on occam's razor's_razor that is what has been passed down to me as a method of reasoning on such matters.

The reason the main political parties agree (and some of the minor) to the smoking ban isn't for
the health reasons given in the past.

No the main reason for the ban and social nastiness on smoking is to make you more pliable to the
propaganda machine whatever flavour that may be at the time, it is that simple.

This is the point even the most seasoned individual cannot put their finger on, IT IS THE POINT.

It is also the reason the control freaks move on to the next victims in order,
 be it drinkers/eaters of fatty/sugary foods and drivers of powerful machines of all descriptions etc...

The controlling influences whether they realise ir or not are a party to the elimination of certain chemical processes in the human brain.

It is that simple unfortunately, you see when you are either:

Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Driving your fast car, Eating a doughnut, Riding your horse, Shooting your shotgun, Soaring in your hot air ballooon, Paragliding, Scuba diving, Bungee Jumping, Having Sex, Skiing, Snowboarding, Hunting Bears, Fishing  Etc..  I could go on but I will not, you are the furthest away in your mind from the propaganda machine.

 And this is the place where they want you to be the least, because whilst you are there you are unlikely to listen to them, you may even question their wisdom and when you do that you are thinking for yourself you are in fact thinking of number one.

Just think for a minute of the processes you go through to get what YOU want and they are pretty complicated and arduous to say the least but worth it of course, otherwise you wouldn't bother.

Also the interactions you have to negotiate to gain these experiences make who we are.

We are human beings going through the motions to ensure our personal experinces in our own futures suit us, not some form filling Elf'nSafety, bureaucrats ideal (to eventually suit theirs).

The reasons for the machinations of the political/media classes is always crystal clear as long as you are
continuing to do what is good for you and your familiy/freinds whomever they may be.

Matters only become complicated when you let them interfere with you and your own, do so at your own peril.
And above all lead a happy and fulfilled existence if only to get up their noses.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Hung Parliament?

Just finished watching the leaders debate, a couple of points to note,  apart from the set up feel
and rules list of the debate agreed by the three beforehand.

You had The Brown Gorgon looking like something the taxidermist has got wrong and unlike the other two
inexplicably standing feet together like Hitler most of the time seemed odd don't ask me why.

And what the hell was The Gorgon writing down every five minutes? It's a debate man for crying out loud, was he filling his prescription out or something?

Then the predicted effect that Cleggie would come off best as the Lib Dems have run fuck all since
the days of trench warfare (and there is a reason for that) so could not be called on much by the other two.

So the result of the debate and the situation so far is looking more like a hung parliament now than ever.
I could be wrong and probably am but...

I can't shake the feeling this is what they want,
as all three know whats heading our way financially & possibly militarily on the world stage and if no one is in overall control when it happens they can sit there and point fingers
at one another when the shit hits the fan.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

SIR Richard Leese Stands Down After Assault Arrest

The leader of Labour controlled Manchester City council Sir Richard Leese has stood down see here Sir Richard Leese Steps Down after Assault arrest.

Sir Richard spent nearly 20 Hours in custody after being arrested Monday night. Police were called
to his home in crumpsall after receiving a call claiming a 16 year old girl had been assaulted.

I will not parrot the information in the above link, but will instead point out that his step down from leadership of the labour controlled council is TEMPORARY here we go again you just know what that will probably mean.

I cannot comment on the events surrounding this incident as I was not present I can only enlighten readers to
some of the efforts of this man to foist the congestion charge on the people of Greater Manchester which failed in December2008 after going to a referendum, who says they are irrelevant?

This is the man who thought that he should have zil lane style privelages travelling into work & accompanying
parking spaces at the expense of greatly needed disabled parking facilities.

I clearly remember getting my polling/voter card on the issue of the congestion charging scheme in Manchester and being astonished that unlike a normal ballot your local school/office facilities are provided
for this occasion the council picked only a handful of fixed sites.

So instead a set number of points were designated where you could put your ballot in the box,
and the most convenient for myself was 7 miles or so away and it's a good job I have a car because it would have taken the best part of a  whole day to arrange the trip by bus from where I am (oh the irony).

It wasn't this though that bothered me the most though or even the prospect of being broke as a result of the scheme, but the constant barrage of propaganda headed by Sir Leese that was above and beyond being acceptable.

The North West BBC news some evenings became intolerable watching (more than usual) as the clear bias pro the charging was shrill and disturbing to say the least (this was pre the climategate affair by the way so most people were still skewered opinion wise).

The good thing though is that they completely missunderstood parts of the Mancunian mindset.

And as a result of  which the overwhelming propaganda machine went too far and broke as it kind of has done on the national level to some extent. Hard Luck.

So as for Sir Richard Leese you only have to have lived through his efforts to bankrupt this area of the country to understand what he is about and that is he appears to be a control freak with megalomaniac tendencies so no surprise really is it?
I hope they did the full D.N.A and Fingerprint number on him as Manchester is also a trial for I.D Cards much lauded by the council and government and that he got a taste of his own medicine here's hoping anyway !

No I will not give you my Bloody Postcode "Buddy"

The supermarket is at it again the one with four letters and green signs & do the rollbacks.

They asked me for my PostCode when I got to the checkout I said NO THANKS.

 I didn't use the self service ones as they were either not working or had someone at the working one's with tonnes of shit on the whoops! discounted stuff that have no barcode on them so the lines of people were long.

So when I get to the till the girl asked me for my PostCode and I said no and she looked at me and
said "don't you know what your postcode is?". 
I informed her I did but did not wish to tell her so she looked at me as though I was a moron who cannot remember his Post Code and left it at that. Thankfully.

Now I said they are at it again as the last time this occured a man at the till said "Post Code Buddy" in that annoying fake chirpy way people do when they know they shouldn't be asking you something.

I said NO to him and he said "PostCode Buddy" again I said I wasn't deaf and that I did not wish to give him this information.
And at this point was willing to be left alone, but no the mong on the till who was obviously up the managers rear quarters for browny points & bonuses repeated "PostCode Buddy" Like I was some kind of moron unable to understand the question.

Now I stayed polite & told him NO AGAIN and at this point he turned around to his Supervisor and said
"We have an awkward one here he won't give us his PostCode" like I wasn't the person to make the decision!
At this point I was getting Thermonuclear Rage building up as the fat moose of a supervisor said (Jokingly) "oh give him a slap" at which point the Mong on the till said again "PostCode Buddy".
At that point I exploded and told them I have just come in for my shopping and I will not be giving any of them my fucking "PostCode Buddy".

I run a company and we have to pay for all of our market research ourselves if we should wish to gain any
information we dont get it for free.

Furthermore the supermarket wasn't even offering a paltry coupon or gift in return for my information as other shops I frequent do.  An electrical goods specialist near me actually do money off coupons & stuff like that by mail monthly & are quite generous sending money off coupons etc that are actually worth it in return for my information.

By now a queue was building up behind me I was expecting some backlash for being held up but being massively enraged I turned round to them and told them not to give them any of their PostCodes as they were getting nothing in return.

Nobody said a word they just stared in stunned silence and one woman even smiled at me which I wasn't expecting at all.
Not only that but it felt like Nazi Germany being pressured into giving information for lack of causing a fuss.

Well they picked on the wrong one with me they can go and swivel and I took my business further afield
for a while and will be doing so again.

One other bit of this scenario is also seriously screwed up, and that is if some pscycho stalker type was stood behind me and wasn't completely deaf would know where I lived if I had had been compliant.

With all the data security problems and general Naziism in this country being reason enough,
 The other thing I need least is a mongtard till operator asking me stuff like this, then as a result getting murdered on my own doorstep my Mr Jack McStabby formerly No2 in the queue behind me.

Enough Already Pack it in!  And don't give them your bloody Postcode even if it's only to see look on the face of the spacker on the till.

If any of you reading this think I.D cards are a good thing then you need your heads reading seriously.
As with an I.D card they would already have had my Postcode but could simply refuse to serve me because I will not divulge publicly my sexual preferences/smoking habits/drinking habits etc...
Think it won't happen Think Again.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Warden Wasters

I earlier witnessed a late night mystery of sorts involving a bunch of those street warden types.

This mystery was instigated by the quite neatly placed (for a change) furniture that would be collected by the refuse collectors some time in the next two days no doubt as usual.

This furniture for your mental processing involved some old DFS or similar rubbish aquired on the never never finance always available at around Christmas time, Spring Time, Summertime deal, Autumn Collection & all the fucking year round Time in the process spoiling a once tolerated tune by playing it incessantly ad nauseum until enough thick people buy one.

Anyway some other nearby resident/s had decided that the black bag refuse of thier own making would look ok sat on top of the last quarter offering from DFS,  Thus gaining the attention of the wardens who were going about thier business in a shiney new transit van.

In this shiney new Transit covered in expensive Logo's declaring how they are making us safer,cleaner?
(no me neither) and better for the environment etc...

Now before you say what the hell is the boggart going on about?

Consider this your/our tax money is paying for 5 yes FIVE in this instance useless wardens donning uniforms and communications equipment to inspect and report on a fucking Sofa that some doss cunt has bought cannot pay for & broken into a pieces no doubt in a fit of rage, and then dumped in the way of other bin users before moving house to avoid paying for the furniture.

Here is the best bit though the transit van occupied by the wardens could easily without seats in it contain
1 x driver and 1 x worker to remove the offending items pronto, problem solved , cleaner safer streets all round.
But No what do I see? I see a Transit Van with seats in for all of the warden squad and little room for anything else.
So Instead of sending out a suitable van the moment complaints arrived, something that would have happened in time anyway, what do we get?

We get a Squad full of  the Wardens leaping out of a shiney new transit van pretending they are police, then proceeding to inspect the DFS detritus & most importantly of all the black bags sat on top like some C.S.I Outfit.
They then proceed to knock on doors after splitting open the refuse bags (formerly tied neatly) to
interrogate the neighbours on any tenuous evidence found.
This is your new Labour britain, none of the above I have had to invent in any shape or form I watched this happen with my own eyes.
Now there will be some of you crying out about mess and litter, but all that happened in this instance(and increasingly so) is the very people charged with making things better made things worse more messy & more untidy than when started.
Also making a community feel under threat for a minorities actions who will either move away or continue to behave so.
Well done, next time just send a fucking Van out & pick up the refuse.

Lets Get Ready To Rumble....Or Not.

Last week the (Sat April3rd) as a little birthday treat I took my sister to see the heavyweight championship fight Haye Vs Ruiz at the M.E.N Arena in Manchester (the older you get the presents are harder to think of good ones anyway) and she likes boxing & so do I.

Now I don't know if any of you have been to a decent boxing fight but the average punter at these events can be best decribed as "Characters" and they came in all variances of bald/shaved headedness ,tattoos, gold teeth and a smattering of criminality and the usual short skirted totty in tow.

Also there were an equal number of smartly dressed suited & booted individuals and also thier short skirted
totty in tow.
There were officially 18,000 individual spectators in attendance at the event but I have been
to lots of big events in the past,  having worked at most of the major stadiums in the north in the past including the M.E.N.) and I'm sure there was more than that.
There was plenty of beer & cider flowing and even though there is an official no smoking rule in the arena
a quick trip to the trench like toilet facilities would attest otherwise.
So there I was surrounded by increasingly drunk people all having a ball of a time steeped in the atmosphere of fighting. 
And something struck me that has occured to me before but for different reasons and what struck me was there was NO TROUBLE & NO FIGHTING not outside the ring anyway. 

There might have been but not in all the thousands that passed me there wasn't any, never saw any trouble never picked up on any and having been in hospitality in the past I have a sixth sense for it.

And the reason why so many adults were behaving ?
Ah some of you will cry no trouble because of tight well organised security, and heavy police precence?


All night all I witnessed were TWO yes TWO coppers, real ones mind not those plastic ones, and to be honest they would have been about as much use as Gordon brown at a Gold Auction if things went sour.

But things didn't go sour and it was glorious, there we were all adults together getting plastered all by ourselves eating hotdogs and other various confections and concoctions that we are told not to by the nanny state.
And the reason being? There were no antagonists - simple there was no one to bounce off i.e the police or in the case of a political protest the police & opposition group.

When the authorities manage events there is usually some kind of organised riot on the side, some say football is the opium of the masses & experts point to the Roman Empire and they say that the leaders of Rome used the amphitheaters and colliseum as the great passifiers of the crowds blood lust.

Well it works obviously, but there was something different last week maybe its the fact that most of the blokes there looked like extras from the films Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch and the authorities would have a small scale war on if they started on that particular crowd & not some poofty football riot.

Either way & whatever your view the point is when left to our own devices we are smart enough in the main to know who is our enemy who is a real and who is an imagined threat, but involve the Government or any other authority figure & the situation changes dramatically.

As I mentioned earlier this boxing event reminded me of something, and it reminded me that before 1997 & this rotten government got in I used to frequent the pubs & clubs in the city centre and the outskirts all over the place really and you could smoke in them as well, and guess what I don't remember hordes of riot police waiting outside.

When this lot got in (Labour) something changed.

 And I'm not claiming there were never police patrols or trouble before 1997 as that's plainly not true but i'll tell you what you noticed the differnce afterwards.

Pre 97' if you got in a fight in or outside of a city center pub/club you had better know what you were doing or had mates to back you up, because if you didn't you were in trouble.

So you behaved yourself and if you didn't bouncers & other people wanting a nice night out dealt with you because you were being a fucking nuisance and acting like a child.

Now we are all treated like children and not allowed to smoke and not do this or that and i'm sick to death of manufactured bullshit spoiling my life IF YOU DON'T LIKE SMOKY PLACES DONT FUCKING GO INTO THEM.
If you don't like human beings who drink DONT GO TO THE PUBs OR CLUBs.

If anybody votes for the main three parties they are admitting to themselves they want to be treated like a child it's as simple as that.
Like the Brown Gorgon if you like wearing a nappy and riding a rocking horse then thats your thing  not mine but please stop treating the rest of us like children ENOUGH ALREADY.
Sister got very plastered ate 2 x hotdogs 1/2 a bucket of popcorn & no fighting involving her reported on the night.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

I had a vague recollection of a film that I watched some years ago called It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World made in 1963 see here to refresh the memory and if you have never watched it then please try to then you will know what I am talking about plus it's a bit of a laugh anyway.

The film itself has loads of old film actors doing cameos in it etc, and centers around the chase for some treasure buried under a big "W" by all the aforementioned cameo actors, Now two of these characters played by Phil Silvers better know as Seargent Bilko playing a character called Otto Meyer (a similar persona to Bilko in the film). 

And the second character in the particular scene I am thinking about is played by Jonathan Winters called Lennie Pike a van driver I seem to recall.
Now please forgive me for any innacuracies as I am doing all of this from memory, but there is a scene in
It's A mad mad mad mad world where in the ensuing chase for the treasure under the big "W" the removal van driver Lennie Pike ends up riding a Girls bicycle down the highway in an effort to get to the next town & hire a car.

Then along comes Otto Meyer in a car and Lennie Pike flags him down & being a large removal man on a girls bike in the middle of the desert highway Otto Meyer Pulls over to see what is going on.

SPOILER ALERT Do not continue reading unless you want part of the film revealed to you.

Now bear with me here I know the link I am making is a tenous one & this is difficult to empart in words but bear with me.
The Removal man Pike leaves the Girls bike in the middle of the road blocking the way (but not so much you could not have driven over it or around it) and goes to the side of the car just stopped by driver Otto Meyer (Bilko).
Now there is an exchange of words & Lennie Pike asks for a lift to the next town but makes the mistake of telling Otto the whole story of the treasure under the big "W" and how he intends to beat the others to it.

Now not knowing Otto meyer is a dodgy character is the mistake Lennie makes as he is a bit naive and a bit too trusting & after imparting all of this interesting information to Otto about the treasure he then makes his second mistake.

You see Otto Meyer says something like (to Lennie) "sure I'll give you a lift but before you hop in the car would you mind moving that bicycle out of the way some one may trip over it in the dark or something"......
Lennie of course obliges & when he goes to pick up the girls bycicle Otto burns rubber & drives off shouting "Sucker"! etc...

And off drives Otto Meyer thinking he's going to get to the treasure under the big "W" first.
Leaving the sad figure of Lennie Pike stood with a girls bycicle in the middle of the desert highway no better off than when he had started - worse  if anything as he's stopped cycling to the next town and lost time.

Now I don't do it justice with my description here & those of you who have watched the film I hope have had thier memories refreshed & those who haven't, you will (probably) laugh your arse off when you watch it anyway.

Now on to my main if tenuous link that the Otto Meyer character is just like our M.P.s,  you cannot and should not trust them with any information whatsoever.
 You dont actually know who these people are, and you shouldn't be dumb enough or naive to expect any favours from them when they hold all the cards (i.e our money and Information).
But unfortunately what happens is most of us end up like that Lennie Pike character - Blinded by the pot of treasure promised to us (but never materialising) by the M.P's. 
And by treasure you can replace that with whatever crap you ar hoping the Government will provide you be it jobs, better choice of schools better whatever you have in mind.
Because the truth is it's not coming no matter what promises are made to you.
I guess what I'm trying to say is we all need to wise up a bit more & stop being so trusting like Lennie Pike.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Not Happy Burning Effigies? Burn Down Pubs Instead

A quick look in the local Rag & it seems they are not content with burning effigies of fat people
down Barnsley way as described here underdogsbiteupwards by Leg Iron they are now burning down the pubs.
In the north & East Manchester Advertiser (pure Leftwing propaganda shite) dated Thursday April 8th 2010.
We have on page 5 an article headed "Probe as arson attack hits BNP pub". Probe my arse if you will forgive the pun.

This particular pub which I have passed many times travelling in & out of Manchester city Centre was first on my radar after Nick the Griff won his seat as an M.E.P as this was the only place left after parliament square & a couple of other venues were left unusable by a number of U.A.F thugs.

They kept shutting his little victory speeches to the press down & this was the only place left for him to talk freely to the press, and the U.A.F thugs wouldnt dare go in The Ace of Diamonds pub unless they wanted reconstructive surgery to various parts of their anatomy along with thier pint and bag of McCoys.

So being the only pub/place in the whole country where the BNP can talk freely to the press without interruption the Ace of Diamonds on Oldham Road Miles Platting Manchester was forced to close down soon after.

That was back in  back in January after being earmarked for redevelopment for wait for it......"new energy effeicient homes" as I have said in a previous post it would either be that or a religious gathering place, strange cash & carry or government brainwawshing facility.  It's always one of those four.

Now I am a no fan of Nick Griffin & I hold no party memberships whatsoever but I do find the Labour councils sudden interest in a Pub on the edge of an estate on a main road in manchester and thier interest in closing it down for development more than a little bit suspicious.

Now Landlord Derek Adams who stood for election as a BNP candidate in local elections, claims his business was singled out for demolition & FORCED to sell up along with 23 other businesses because of his politics. No Shit Sherlock.

Now do you see what is going on you anti-smokers? You will be next, let's hope you do not live within a 900 yard radius of a smoking BNP supporter because your'e doomed not because of the reasons given because the Righteous Say so.

So instead of a 150 year old bit of standing history we will have a load of flimsily built eco-expensive (to you and me the taxpayers by the way) no doubt filled with people on completion by people who have not come off the old estate no riff raff will be allowed in the shiney new homes with the solar panels and grass on the roof.
No these "regeneration area" homes will be sold or rented out to the good little drones as they are more worthy you see.

So because the the new Labour lot do not like your politics/drinking/smoking activities etc they will come and force you and your neighbours to sell up, and whether you accept or not they will burn your fucking house/place of work down anyway.

How much more of this is it going to take for people to wake up?
Its not what you choose to do that is completely lawful by the way that will get you, it is what you are thinking,  anything other than the labour left wing trotskyite way is wrong so do as your told think what we want you to think or we'll burn your fucking house down.

Election Time Who Really Wants It?

Why do I get the uneasy feeling that none of the Big Two & a Half parties actually wants to win?

Look at that ballsack of a face the BROWN GORGON he wouldn't even call a snap election because nobody in the whole of these isles wanted to vote for the sad sack of shite so......what the fuck is he expecting at this election that he's HAD to feckin call?

Then we move on to FODERICK The Fod i.e the Cameroon doing his best to pretend he is clean cut & doesn't do what the righteous expect him not to do, I remember when he was being touted for leadership after Dracula was being pushed out as leader & he was smoking like a bastard chimney like the ones we used to av'e up here.
Don't tell me now that he is on the brink of power of sorts (again not like it used to be) with the EUSSR and all' that he doesn't smoke like a bastard who's about to go into his first seminary with Father O'Kidyboyfiddle
and don't tell me he doesn't drink like a fish or do other things to relax because all of us adults know he does
so why pretend otherwise? It just winds us up. Pack It In!

Now lets get on to No Cloggs,  He is the leader of people who are worse than the above mentioned Labour & Tory voters.  They are worse because they don't have an inkling that the party they are voting for has LIBERAL in the fucking title, How the Fuck can a party that supports the SMOKING BAN call themselves LIBERAL?
These really are the kind of saggy faced tosspots who will jump on the nearest banwagon that they think is good for their particular personal image.
Now that really bends the mind what kind of kudos do you need to attain as Lib Dem supporter to be, In order to get your leg over?

I can't stretch my mind that far as I ran out of L.S.D in about 1999. And getting your legover with some straw faced harridan is the only thing I can imagine as a benefit to being a Lib Dem voter.
Also I keep expecting Vince Cable to come out in a straw boater and put Cleggy on his knee & do a ventriloquist act. But thats just me.

What I feel coming down the shit pipe of life towards us is a massive colamitus crash of massive proportions
one where you join the bread queue for food & not just cancel the next holiday abroad.
That kind of calamity, lets put it this way if the bond market interest payment demands keep on rising the way they have been then it's good nighht vienna & no great smile from the Gorgon, Foderick, No Cloggs OR the great Barry Obama will take the pain away.
I am just being a realist if you have the odd 500 or 1000 Quid/Dollars/Euros spare now might be a good time to invest in something that you can either stand in that is completely yours or drive that is yours & you like or can count that is yours i.e silver gold coins bars etc...
I say this as a complete optimist the sooner the shit hits the fan the sooner we can get back to what matters.
I'm off now to finish this bottle of scotch with lemon sugar cubes & hot water I've got a blistering sore throat to take care of.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Give Blood & Screw The Righteous!

Giving blood is one way to contribute selflessly & I didnt bother until a loved one of
mine need a lot of the stuff about 4 years back after losing a lot of claret due to sudden illness.

Thinking of this earlier today the thought arose that if my blood is being used and it is
contaminated with my cigar smoking residue then would one of the righteous refuse it on
ethical grounds if they had prior warning?

More interestingly if a loved* one of the righteous were struck down & unable to consent
on any basis for themselves would the righteous refuse the last bag of blood with a
matching type from my body?

Or would they realise the complete idiocy of their opposition to the smokers & accept the blood of a smoker for their loved one?
It would be an interesting moral dilemma for the righteous this one, especially when called upon to
save the life of thier nearest & dearest.

*( If the righteous are capable of feelings for another human being other than
what they have been told to feel).

Door Step Challenge

No I'ts not one of those dodgy DAZ Ads I'ts Nuliebore
knocking on your door, heres my contribution To Old Holborn :

Monday, 5 April 2010


In support of Leg Irons campaign hope the poster meets the required standard please fell free to use & distribute or try your own version.

Monday, 29 March 2010


As I posted earlier I wish to register some of my observations about the local pubs
which have closed down recently due in no small part to the smoking ban, high taxes and the
general wilful destruction of our local communities.

Now I don't know the individual circumstances in your area of residence but I bet there is something similar afoot.
I am talking here about the re-opening of the former drinking establishments after being bought at a reduced value as either new places of worship, strange cash and carry shops which seem to sell crap produce not all of which appears to be kosher if you know what I mean or vaguely edible.

And last but not least former pubs being bought by in our case the Labour council who leading up to the ban on smoking (and currently still do) whipped up a storm of indignation in the local rag along with the righteous about the booze culture & how something must be done about it usually for the cheeellldren!

Now we see a local Landmark pub (which my dear departed gran worked in) being turned into a local council funded & run education centre for the mongs & the feckless to spend their days being brainwashed & patronised into servitude.

The blatant and from my point of view corrupt shenanigans of the council is enough to make me puke my ring
but there seems to be an observable pattern of behaviour when this pub takeover occurs.

Those pubs that have not already fallen into the hands of government programmers or cash & carry tycoons from who knows where will expect the following treatment :

1.  Local paper/rag will feature the fat faced tossers from the council bleating still about booze culture, shrillness increased to suit.
2. A blind eye turned when the local hire a thug crime family or syndicate is hired/takes the pub over & turns it into something akin to the harlem ghetto of the 80's.
3. The crime syndicates granted a new licence in an unexplainable fashion.
4. The locals then call for something to be done for the cheeelldren what with the drug dealing noise etc..
5. The pub is closed due to the councils outrage at irresponsible pub management etc.. until further notice.
6. The pub then sits empty as mysteriously even the most squeaky clean individual cannot obtain a liqour    licence.
7. The pubs owners sell to the nearest flavour of the month Religious group  cheaply or for nothing in some cases, The cash and carry tycoon, Developers with a green bent etc...
8. The locals then decry the closure of the pubs and having nowhere to go of an evening so stay indoors to get some more brainwashing from the idiot box in the corner.
9.  Locals still vote Labour/Conservative/Lib Dem as thats what they always have done and nothing changes  & only gets worse for them.
10 Local council moves on to next target/property on their radar.

And before you jump up and say that wont happen round where I live it will trust me.
I'm off for a tot of whisky and a bottle or two of Duvel Lager (yes at home).
Yours for now The Boggart.

Changing Faces

What is happening locally in my area is astonishing with regards the influx of new people (I travel regularly on business to the south east so it allows me a comparison).
Now I am with Leg Iron & others when it comes to liberty etc.. We should be left alone to go about our normal business unhindered by others as long as we are not harming anybody in our persuits.

So just to give you an idea of what I am talking about it seems the influx of eastern europeans some of which settled & others who went elsewhere after being in the area a while was followed 18-24 months ago by a very large number of people with an african connection.
The consequences of this inflow of people did not in many ways directly affect me but in some others they do.

The small matters of not queing in the local supermarkets/shops has recently abated to a large extent,  I think the newcomers were shocked at the veracity of most people to follow the queing rules (you should see the old battle axes round here).

So minor irritations aside it really did not affect me directly them choosing this area to settle in.  But the rumors still start and I am intelligent enough in most instances to find out for myself/make my own mind up as to what the reality of the local situation is.
It was noticed that most of the odd vacant shops on the local main high street/road were being opened up as african style foodshops & hairdressers etc...
And again being a libertarian if others wish to open a business good look to them and if others wish to patronise these premises it has nothing whatsoever to do with me.
And as more and more open up I still thought what business is it of mine?
Then the council stcks its corrupt little paws into the mix and starts on the surface at least to be supporting these businesses in ways they simply did not do before the new arrivals.

So I was taken aback when the local paper The Advertiser (pure leftwing shit propaganda) had an article explaining that these shops are not being visited & used by the indigenous people in the area because the signs above the shops wre not clear & we poor yokels could not understand what some of them were selling.

So as a consequence of this situation the local councillors Karney and Murphy said they would be using our tax money to furnish these shops with nice new signs.
Now if you question such matters round this neck of the woods you just get cries of RACIST! from the mongs and the vested interest busybodies.

But this struck me on more than one level as divisive and unfair.

 For a start I have been blessed with 20/20 vision & have no difficulty seeing these premises & what they are purveying and even before our tax money was lavished on these new businesses I could see for myself that the dried bushmeats dried fish products and odd vegetables were not suited to my pallette or taste and probably never would be.

This the councillors just don't get, they are so far up their own arses on the multi-cultural bandwagon that the mere inconvenience that us locals dont like what the Africans and others are selling is not seen or taken as reality rather thsn as a matter that needs money throwing at to solve the problem.
It gets better than that though it seems that despite the sheer waste of our tax money on these premises it still
did not entice more of us in to buy the bushmeat or get an afro haircut or purchase bright orange pointy shoes.

The reasons for the lack of enthusiasm for these products & services were obvious but not to our dear leaders no.  We are now to be re-educated as to the africans/others ways and culture and culinary delights using more of our fucking tax money, this will take place in the guise of workshops/brainwashing get togethers etc and weekly bullshit in the local rag.
All of which will be paid for via our tax money this is what makes me become involved this is what makes me angry.

The sheer naked audacity of our local troughng bastards at the council knows no bounds, they are in my opinion a bunch of theiving cunts anyway,  Now they are reaching into my life and my affairs by suggesting I am too thick to understand other peoples cultures and ways and as a cosequence need re-educating.

What an utter load of insulting bollocks this is, this is the kind of thing that gets my blood boiling.
It is one of the many other reasons I stated this blog even if no reads it then at least I have put down what I feel you never know just one person reading and seeing these issues from my point of view will possibly help stem the tide of utter shite parading as local (and National) Politicians.
Will add more later Local Pubs next I have some points to put down.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Double Yellow Lines

Hello Blog reader

This is my first blog posting so forgiveness for lack of knowledge or ettiquette.

This being my first posting I would like to bring your attention to the current situation
with regards to the environment created by our Dear Leader The Brown Gorgon & previously The Tiny Blair.

Up in these parts of Mancunian land you would not think a general election was about to take place, normally (in elections gone by) you would have seen posters declaring Labour mostly to be the party of choice, and the odd rebel Tory or Lib dem poster displayed in peoples windows with the aid of sellotape etc... showingthe crooked/fat faced smile of the usual encumbents.

But I have not seen any so far and the memory of such things are possibly a fading memory of mine and of terraced streets gone by.

Either way there is not much talk of the coming election.

There has been noticed the ability of the councils/highways agencies eagerness to paint white lines and double yellows at vairious points (usually near/around schools etc.) And a variety of speed humps whilst completely ignoring the nearby potholes in the roads.

Now this you could be forgiven as a simple lapse in scheduling of the road crews in installing said
humps and pretty coloured lines on our roads as a simple clash with the schedules of our road maintainers.
But I have a feeling that this is not the case.

I would like to know who are the main beneficiaires of this explosion of coulour & contour on our heavily taxed roads paid for by us motorists?
I have invested in a 4x4 much to the chagrin of our local busybodies in the politburo not for the reasons of traversing fields as a farmer might but as a remedy to my growing back discomfort with the state of the bloody roads.

Who are the main share holders of the paint/surfacing company providing this kaleidoscope of colours shapes & messages?
This I would truly wish to discover as whomever they may be they must be on a roll dividends wise.
What next? A ban on those without child using the many 20mph limit/school zones?
I don't know but you can bet the commissars at council HQ have already floated the idea.
That's all for now will add more if any body reads/comments etc (will anyway) in the hope that this dystopia being created can at some point be reversed.

Yours The Boggart.