Wednesday, 14 April 2010

No I will not give you my Bloody Postcode "Buddy"

The supermarket is at it again the one with four letters and green signs & do the rollbacks.

They asked me for my PostCode when I got to the checkout I said NO THANKS.

 I didn't use the self service ones as they were either not working or had someone at the working one's with tonnes of shit on the whoops! discounted stuff that have no barcode on them so the lines of people were long.

So when I get to the till the girl asked me for my PostCode and I said no and she looked at me and
said "don't you know what your postcode is?". 
I informed her I did but did not wish to tell her so she looked at me as though I was a moron who cannot remember his Post Code and left it at that. Thankfully.

Now I said they are at it again as the last time this occured a man at the till said "Post Code Buddy" in that annoying fake chirpy way people do when they know they shouldn't be asking you something.

I said NO to him and he said "PostCode Buddy" again I said I wasn't deaf and that I did not wish to give him this information.
And at this point was willing to be left alone, but no the mong on the till who was obviously up the managers rear quarters for browny points & bonuses repeated "PostCode Buddy" Like I was some kind of moron unable to understand the question.

Now I stayed polite & told him NO AGAIN and at this point he turned around to his Supervisor and said
"We have an awkward one here he won't give us his PostCode" like I wasn't the person to make the decision!
At this point I was getting Thermonuclear Rage building up as the fat moose of a supervisor said (Jokingly) "oh give him a slap" at which point the Mong on the till said again "PostCode Buddy".
At that point I exploded and told them I have just come in for my shopping and I will not be giving any of them my fucking "PostCode Buddy".

I run a company and we have to pay for all of our market research ourselves if we should wish to gain any
information we dont get it for free.

Furthermore the supermarket wasn't even offering a paltry coupon or gift in return for my information as other shops I frequent do.  An electrical goods specialist near me actually do money off coupons & stuff like that by mail monthly & are quite generous sending money off coupons etc that are actually worth it in return for my information.

By now a queue was building up behind me I was expecting some backlash for being held up but being massively enraged I turned round to them and told them not to give them any of their PostCodes as they were getting nothing in return.

Nobody said a word they just stared in stunned silence and one woman even smiled at me which I wasn't expecting at all.
Not only that but it felt like Nazi Germany being pressured into giving information for lack of causing a fuss.

Well they picked on the wrong one with me they can go and swivel and I took my business further afield
for a while and will be doing so again.

One other bit of this scenario is also seriously screwed up, and that is if some pscycho stalker type was stood behind me and wasn't completely deaf would know where I lived if I had had been compliant.

With all the data security problems and general Naziism in this country being reason enough,
 The other thing I need least is a mongtard till operator asking me stuff like this, then as a result getting murdered on my own doorstep my Mr Jack McStabby formerly No2 in the queue behind me.

Enough Already Pack it in!  And don't give them your bloody Postcode even if it's only to see look on the face of the spacker on the till.

If any of you reading this think I.D cards are a good thing then you need your heads reading seriously.
As with an I.D card they would already have had my Postcode but could simply refuse to serve me because I will not divulge publicly my sexual preferences/smoking habits/drinking habits etc...
Think it won't happen Think Again.


  1. The only postcode they need is

    FU3 KOF

    They have never noticed so far.

  2. Classic will use than one next time leg iron :-)

  3. W4 NKR
    has done the business for me a few times ;-)

  4. Nice one G.O.T will defo use that they'll
    keep aking the cunts.