Wednesday, 21 April 2010

J.Dimblebollox 2010

I watched the campaign 2010 with Jonathan Dimbleby last night (Tues 20th Apr)

 Now I don't know wether to laugh,cry or be afraid ...very afraid
The three turns were :
Labours Harriet Harman a.ka The Man Hater Extraordinaire , Lib Dems Charles Kennedy (still looking confused  as to why he couldn't cotinue smoking indoors)
And last but not least the Conservative and normally fairly together Dr Liam Fox looking like he had lost the will to live.

The main points of utter nonsense came from J.Dimbleby who for some reason resembled someone who had ingested large amounts of M.D.M.A  at least I think thats what explianed the disjointed shit coming from his overall persona I am still not sure.

 I do not think it was that meow-meow stuff as it was banned by the BBC last week.

A main highlight turned up when Dimblebollocks grinning gleefully (or gurning still not sure which)
Turned his attention to the blogosphere!

All two of them! one being Guido Fawkes and the other Will Straw (Trench foot forward or something blog).

Now I cannot remember what Will said as it was utter Shite,

What did strike me was a quip Dimbleby came up with when he fed Guido some lines, which Guido sensibly avoided by saying it was strong language and not to be repeated etc....

J. Dimblebollox then sniggered and snorted and said something along the lines of "yes strong language can get you into a lot of trouble....."
With obvious reference to the devils kithen's mauling by he of the Shredded Wheat Hairpiece.

Now most of the audience was oblivious to J.Dimbleby's reference & ensuing sniggering which made him  seem madder than a cat on meow meow,
 And seemed to have the added effect of making Dr Fox looking  for a noose and Harmperson shuffling like she'd just remembered she had left the husband in charge of the AA batteries at home on his own.

I can't even get into the discussion they had on Trident Nuclear Submarines in case I have another nervous breakdown.

The audience was the usual Question Time rent-a-mob on the whole & the programme just left me disturbed instead of the usual anger.
Cannot wait for the leaders debate Thursday if I get a chance to gawp at it.........

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