Friday, 9 April 2010

Not Happy Burning Effigies? Burn Down Pubs Instead

A quick look in the local Rag & it seems they are not content with burning effigies of fat people
down Barnsley way as described here underdogsbiteupwards by Leg Iron they are now burning down the pubs.
In the north & East Manchester Advertiser (pure Leftwing propaganda shite) dated Thursday April 8th 2010.
We have on page 5 an article headed "Probe as arson attack hits BNP pub". Probe my arse if you will forgive the pun.

This particular pub which I have passed many times travelling in & out of Manchester city Centre was first on my radar after Nick the Griff won his seat as an M.E.P as this was the only place left after parliament square & a couple of other venues were left unusable by a number of U.A.F thugs.

They kept shutting his little victory speeches to the press down & this was the only place left for him to talk freely to the press, and the U.A.F thugs wouldnt dare go in The Ace of Diamonds pub unless they wanted reconstructive surgery to various parts of their anatomy along with thier pint and bag of McCoys.

So being the only pub/place in the whole country where the BNP can talk freely to the press without interruption the Ace of Diamonds on Oldham Road Miles Platting Manchester was forced to close down soon after.

That was back in  back in January after being earmarked for redevelopment for wait for it......"new energy effeicient homes" as I have said in a previous post it would either be that or a religious gathering place, strange cash & carry or government brainwawshing facility.  It's always one of those four.

Now I am a no fan of Nick Griffin & I hold no party memberships whatsoever but I do find the Labour councils sudden interest in a Pub on the edge of an estate on a main road in manchester and thier interest in closing it down for development more than a little bit suspicious.

Now Landlord Derek Adams who stood for election as a BNP candidate in local elections, claims his business was singled out for demolition & FORCED to sell up along with 23 other businesses because of his politics. No Shit Sherlock.

Now do you see what is going on you anti-smokers? You will be next, let's hope you do not live within a 900 yard radius of a smoking BNP supporter because your'e doomed not because of the reasons given because the Righteous Say so.

So instead of a 150 year old bit of standing history we will have a load of flimsily built eco-expensive (to you and me the taxpayers by the way) no doubt filled with people on completion by people who have not come off the old estate no riff raff will be allowed in the shiney new homes with the solar panels and grass on the roof.
No these "regeneration area" homes will be sold or rented out to the good little drones as they are more worthy you see.

So because the the new Labour lot do not like your politics/drinking/smoking activities etc they will come and force you and your neighbours to sell up, and whether you accept or not they will burn your fucking house/place of work down anyway.

How much more of this is it going to take for people to wake up?
Its not what you choose to do that is completely lawful by the way that will get you, it is what you are thinking,  anything other than the labour left wing trotskyite way is wrong so do as your told think what we want you to think or we'll burn your fucking house down.


  1. I'm currently sitting on my hands waiting to see what changes after the Tory election win next month. If nothing, as we all suspect, then the shit really is gonna hit the fan, as we've all co existed with Tory bloggers for some considerable time, but as these elections have drawn closer, those whom wish to continue the status quo, have now made their excuses and left. Whilst others who remain with us, are becoming ever more uneasy about the current situation within Cameron's alleged, "Right wing" party.

    If Cameron should continue on with New Labours policies then the big three are dead for us all, and probably for ever. We know that, and they realise that too, and as the Internet will now form the future of political leanings on a much wider scale in the Years ahead, then that's probably why Parliament has seen fit to push though This bill, an act of totalitarian rule, comparable in it's severity with red China.

    We simply can't go on like this.

  2. I have not been around these blogs long but what you say about the tory supporters has a ring of truth about it Dazed & Confused.
    In fact you have just inspired my next blog entry it will be to do with this strange syndrome people get themselves into when it comes to politics.