Sunday, 11 April 2010

Warden Wasters

I earlier witnessed a late night mystery of sorts involving a bunch of those street warden types.

This mystery was instigated by the quite neatly placed (for a change) furniture that would be collected by the refuse collectors some time in the next two days no doubt as usual.

This furniture for your mental processing involved some old DFS or similar rubbish aquired on the never never finance always available at around Christmas time, Spring Time, Summertime deal, Autumn Collection & all the fucking year round Time in the process spoiling a once tolerated tune by playing it incessantly ad nauseum until enough thick people buy one.

Anyway some other nearby resident/s had decided that the black bag refuse of thier own making would look ok sat on top of the last quarter offering from DFS,  Thus gaining the attention of the wardens who were going about thier business in a shiney new transit van.

In this shiney new Transit covered in expensive Logo's declaring how they are making us safer,cleaner?
(no me neither) and better for the environment etc...

Now before you say what the hell is the boggart going on about?

Consider this your/our tax money is paying for 5 yes FIVE in this instance useless wardens donning uniforms and communications equipment to inspect and report on a fucking Sofa that some doss cunt has bought cannot pay for & broken into a pieces no doubt in a fit of rage, and then dumped in the way of other bin users before moving house to avoid paying for the furniture.

Here is the best bit though the transit van occupied by the wardens could easily without seats in it contain
1 x driver and 1 x worker to remove the offending items pronto, problem solved , cleaner safer streets all round.
But No what do I see? I see a Transit Van with seats in for all of the warden squad and little room for anything else.
So Instead of sending out a suitable van the moment complaints arrived, something that would have happened in time anyway, what do we get?

We get a Squad full of  the Wardens leaping out of a shiney new transit van pretending they are police, then proceeding to inspect the DFS detritus & most importantly of all the black bags sat on top like some C.S.I Outfit.
They then proceed to knock on doors after splitting open the refuse bags (formerly tied neatly) to
interrogate the neighbours on any tenuous evidence found.
This is your new Labour britain, none of the above I have had to invent in any shape or form I watched this happen with my own eyes.
Now there will be some of you crying out about mess and litter, but all that happened in this instance(and increasingly so) is the very people charged with making things better made things worse more messy & more untidy than when started.
Also making a community feel under threat for a minorities actions who will either move away or continue to behave so.
Well done, next time just send a fucking Van out & pick up the refuse.

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