Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Volcanoes & CERN

Now you will have to forgive me dear reader as with my last posting I have to ask you to don your ever handy tin foil hat.  (you bunch of nutters!)
I ask you this because a thought occurred to me yesterday re : the volacano eruptions.

Now normally, I would be along with the stranded passengers in foreign climes and be without a clue, likewise all of the pundits in the mainstream media are at a loss to describe the natural events
unfolding over the past week as they are  er... natural occurances.

Then I go to fetch my Columbo Hat and Cigars (Cigars being my favourite bit) start asking questions, and come back with a few interesting results.

At this juncture I have to point out that I was fairly tippled as regards to the Duvel Lager and Sprite shandy's I have consumed so  anything I say here is as a result.

 I was chatting with a retired electronics engineer/physicist earlier this evening about  the air space above Europe being shut down and how strange everyone was feeling about the issue, aside from all of the tabloid travel difficulties etc...

And I mentioned that whilst walking my dogs I looked up at the moon and could see the stars around the moon instead of the usual halo glow you get even though it was not even half mooon.

And then it struck me, I put the point forward to the physicist that on the 31st March this year they had fired up the LHC to full power and started experimenting and I speculated that maybe they were having skewed results.

I speculated that Even though the LHC thingy is massive and that it passes through three countries that having flying metal tubes and their accompanying bits i.e planes and jet engines/radar etc overhead might bugger up the readings from the detector on the LHC?

It would probably be handy to the LHC boys and girls to not have them doing so for a while......

This is a long shot & pure speculation but it would explain the complete ovvereaction to the complete (virtually) grounding of aircraft over Europe.

 As I said and It's probably the the beer talking but there is something strange going on, not the volcano erupting of course, but the flight ban?
The LHC thing is the best my warped mind has come up with so far, and to all those returning to the U.K you know a bacon butty has never tasted so good as when you get home, enjoy!

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