Sunday, 18 April 2010

Talking to a voter or two

Today amongst the wafts of bbq's and the normal sunday comings and goings in the neighbourhood
I found myself talking to some local people about the election, and I am in despair at the sheer, dumbed down brainwashing that's gone on over the last couple of decades.

This brainwashing has however had some unintended consequences that the Lib/Lab/Con lot may
or may not have realised.

And the word on the street is a bit confused they didn't seem to want to vote for The big three especially not
the Tories (my cave is located in the middle of the socialist republic of Manchester don't forget).

The group of individuals (we were in the local shop) I was engaging with did not wish to waste their vote on an independent their words not mine by the way.

So I said anything but the main three would do whatever, and if lots of people voted for an independent then it would not be a wasted vote would it? (this part went on for a quite a while whilst I pointed out the logic).

This caused some consternation and furling of the collective brows and by this point I was losing the will
to live when one by one each of them admitted they would be voting B.N.P anyway "cos of all de immigrants"

Oh dear I thought, The unintended consequence of the big three or at least the Lib/Lab fit up for a hung parliament could be the BNP get a larger than expected leg up or even worse the Green melons get more than than they were expecting (please no).

This is the trouble when the spin machine breaks down from to much use it just causes this kind of situation.


  1. At least In Scotland we've got the SNP, who are running the country, well most of the issues, well. It would be UKIP for me if I stayed in Englandshire.

  2. I can't make my mind up darky I
    want to beleive it's not all a massive fix but
    the better half of my brain keeps slapping me back to reality & telling me it is, so It may as welll be ukip for me better that than any of the main three. Anything but another 5yrs of Gordo!

  3. Oh Dark Lochnagar by the way Thanks for becoming a Goodfella!