Thursday, 8 April 2010

Give Blood & Screw The Righteous!

Giving blood is one way to contribute selflessly & I didnt bother until a loved one of
mine need a lot of the stuff about 4 years back after losing a lot of claret due to sudden illness.

Thinking of this earlier today the thought arose that if my blood is being used and it is
contaminated with my cigar smoking residue then would one of the righteous refuse it on
ethical grounds if they had prior warning?

More interestingly if a loved* one of the righteous were struck down & unable to consent
on any basis for themselves would the righteous refuse the last bag of blood with a
matching type from my body?

Or would they realise the complete idiocy of their opposition to the smokers & accept the blood of a smoker for their loved one?
It would be an interesting moral dilemma for the righteous this one, especially when called upon to
save the life of thier nearest & dearest.

*( If the righteous are capable of feelings for another human being other than
what they have been told to feel).

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