Friday, 16 April 2010

Hung Parliament?

Just finished watching the leaders debate, a couple of points to note,  apart from the set up feel
and rules list of the debate agreed by the three beforehand.

You had The Brown Gorgon looking like something the taxidermist has got wrong and unlike the other two
inexplicably standing feet together like Hitler most of the time seemed odd don't ask me why.

And what the hell was The Gorgon writing down every five minutes? It's a debate man for crying out loud, was he filling his prescription out or something?

Then the predicted effect that Cleggie would come off best as the Lib Dems have run fuck all since
the days of trench warfare (and there is a reason for that) so could not be called on much by the other two.

So the result of the debate and the situation so far is looking more like a hung parliament now than ever.
I could be wrong and probably am but...

I can't shake the feeling this is what they want,
as all three know whats heading our way financially & possibly militarily on the world stage and if no one is in overall control when it happens they can sit there and point fingers
at one another when the shit hits the fan.

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