Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gordon Brown Super Bigot

Well today has been like christmas and birthday time all rolled into one
Gordon Brown fuckwit tosspot extrodinnaire has fucked up royally.

Slagging off a 66 year old woman as a bigot you couldn't have made it up,
Gillian Duffy only pointed out concerns we all have in areas where they have dumped loads of

But under nulabour your not allowed to disagree as you'll be shouted down as a racist bigot,
the part you didn't see on tv news waas that most of Rochdale near where the incident took place is mostly
asian other parts are eastern european.

The white enclave they visited today are just that enclaves.

Rochdale is only a couple of miles north from here,
 and on the odd occassion I have had to travel through (I try to avoid)
 I have been racially abused by asian locals as well as threatened with violence and on one occasion recently they spat at me through my car window for no other reason than that I was white and on my own in the car.

Welcome to good old multicultural Britain folks, so todays massive gaffe by Broon has cheered me up no end as it finally shows the true face of nulabour should those choose to see it.

And that is agree with us or we'll call you names and punish you, were all racist you see we
just need educating.

Well from my own recent excursions north into Rochdale I get an education each time allright and so it seems has Gordoom Brown.

Oh the Irony.

Will have a drink or to to celebrate tonight methinks Inbetween bouts of spontaneous laughter.

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