Thursday, 29 April 2010

Nick Robinson 2020

On the Brown bigot comment

Quote Pinched graciously from constantly furious :

Even official BBC lickspittle, Nick Robinson, says:

"For those of us that have known Gordon Brown for many years, what we have just seen is no huge surprise I have to say."

Below Nick Robinson former BBC and former NuLabour lickspittle Broon noser :

Nick Robinson (pictured above) Interviewed in the year 2020 about his revealing comments on the General Election campaign disaster that took place back in the year 2010.
The campaign took an unexpected turn after then P.M. G.Brown made comments about an actual member of the Public involving Bigotry.

"Nick" confided to our investigator (after being supplied with 200 Global Bank Credits) 
 (for his much needed supply of Fosters Super)
"Brown was always slagging off of the scum, it's just we press packers kept it all under wraps see"

"It's what yer did back then to keep us from going back to ITV News for a job an that"
"The BBC was a much better place to keep stuff like wot happenned from gettin out"

"The trouble was, was the bleedin' public couldn't trust em you see still can't can ya? There bleedin everywhere still are can't escape em"

"after that gaffe and mi comments I slid from being political chief correspondent for the Beeb and it was a downward spiral"

"can you give us some more Global Credits I'm geting the shakes ya see it's medical I need more fosters super"
"when I have a few more Fosters super the public go away, be a darlin would ya?"

* all the above happened with my time machine 
*and thats not Nick's real hair it's part of his hat

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