Wednesday, 14 April 2010

SIR Richard Leese Stands Down After Assault Arrest

The leader of Labour controlled Manchester City council Sir Richard Leese has stood down see here Sir Richard Leese Steps Down after Assault arrest.

Sir Richard spent nearly 20 Hours in custody after being arrested Monday night. Police were called
to his home in crumpsall after receiving a call claiming a 16 year old girl had been assaulted.

I will not parrot the information in the above link, but will instead point out that his step down from leadership of the labour controlled council is TEMPORARY here we go again you just know what that will probably mean.

I cannot comment on the events surrounding this incident as I was not present I can only enlighten readers to
some of the efforts of this man to foist the congestion charge on the people of Greater Manchester which failed in December2008 after going to a referendum, who says they are irrelevant?

This is the man who thought that he should have zil lane style privelages travelling into work & accompanying
parking spaces at the expense of greatly needed disabled parking facilities.

I clearly remember getting my polling/voter card on the issue of the congestion charging scheme in Manchester and being astonished that unlike a normal ballot your local school/office facilities are provided
for this occasion the council picked only a handful of fixed sites.

So instead a set number of points were designated where you could put your ballot in the box,
and the most convenient for myself was 7 miles or so away and it's a good job I have a car because it would have taken the best part of a  whole day to arrange the trip by bus from where I am (oh the irony).

It wasn't this though that bothered me the most though or even the prospect of being broke as a result of the scheme, but the constant barrage of propaganda headed by Sir Leese that was above and beyond being acceptable.

The North West BBC news some evenings became intolerable watching (more than usual) as the clear bias pro the charging was shrill and disturbing to say the least (this was pre the climategate affair by the way so most people were still skewered opinion wise).

The good thing though is that they completely missunderstood parts of the Mancunian mindset.

And as a result of  which the overwhelming propaganda machine went too far and broke as it kind of has done on the national level to some extent. Hard Luck.

So as for Sir Richard Leese you only have to have lived through his efforts to bankrupt this area of the country to understand what he is about and that is he appears to be a control freak with megalomaniac tendencies so no surprise really is it?
I hope they did the full D.N.A and Fingerprint number on him as Manchester is also a trial for I.D Cards much lauded by the council and government and that he got a taste of his own medicine here's hoping anyway !


  1. Leese is a New Labour bag of excrement. Good Riddance I say

  2. I couldn't add anything more to your clearly correct analysis of Herr Reese there Anonymous ;-)

  3. Herr Leese sorry I have inhaled too much bbq smoke today and beer methinks.