Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Climate Change Waffle

Did any body hear Chris Packham on 5 live yesterday?

He was on spouting a load of rubbish about climate change, I haven't heard
too much of it of late on TV in general or radio.

Yesterday however old packham was also slagging offjeremy  Clarkson for being an idiot etc...

Now whatever opinion you have about Clarkson at least he is not afraid of pointing
out the obvious about Global Warming bollocks.

Yesterdays radio programme featuring Packtard spouting a load of rubbish and
using the old trick of the righteous of trying to talk down to people and labelling them
with names.

This situation is wrong on so many levels its not even real, the persistance of the BBC
lickspitlle Packham and associated chums there to protect all their pension money
(alledgedly Most of the BBC has it's pension pot invested in Geen Technology Stocks) is

It seems there is a long way to go still before the corpse of Climate change is put to rest.

The other thing that really pissed me off was the presenter, who if I remember correctly
was that coke snorting moronic half wit Richard Bacon what an utter no talent sniggering
waste of oxygen twat faced bollocks he is.

Bacon just seemed to giggle & snigger when Packtard was having a go at Clarkson
and didn't challenge Packtards view at all.

If anything needs sorting out soon it's the Left wing Fuckwits at the BBC if not
we will end up with another 15 years of communist shite pouring at our expense
like a broken USSR toilet.

They let up for a couple of weeks but have started it again no doubt even though
the new Government is axing is advertising budget good Old Auntie will fill
in on the bollocks as usual.
And before any body points out that I am name calling also, then whats
good for the goose etc.....

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Building a Bar

Been busy working this week again so not had time to post again much, apart
from being busy with my normal work, I have also been using my spare time constructively.

As there seems to be less and less places to go for a drink around where I live,
 and the ones that are left behind after the smoking ban are either full of old cronies or the
other type filled with dickheads.

Now you see an unintended consequence of the Smoking ban and the silly Taxes levied
on the the Licensing trade and alcohol Taxes etc..
Is that the crones who still go out ( ex public servants - no doubt on their gold plated pensions from our council tax money) congregate in fewer and fewer  pubs, and also the dickheads have also
gone into concentrate in to the rest of the pubs left.

So I decided to build my own bar outback, I had already built a deck and pergola job a couple
of years ago so it was just a matter of extending what was there.

Its turned out nice as well,  nobody to tell you off, nobody to tell you not to smoke (I like a cigar with a drink)
and it has been a real pleasure sticking one in the eye of the busybodies and best of all

I can invite who I want as it's my bar.
bring your own bottle or sup what I provide, as no money is exchanged there are no laws
covering my private bar other than the normal ones covering property.

I went to the bother of doing this as there were no obvious signs from Cleggeron's Lot about
the smoking ban and what I have on alcohol is not good.

So cheers all!   will be having fun kitting it out with pumps and optics etc over the coming weeks
and that is what it's all about FUN not that the drones know how to have it.

I am sure this is what got pubs going in the first place - a gaff with a bar every other street away
swings and roundabouts I suppose.

You see no matter how hard you killjoys try there will be people like me who ignore all your bollocks
and continue to have fun our way and not yours.

Chin Chin.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Radio 5 Live

I have been busy this week so haven't had time to post anything, I did however
make a little appearance on radio 5 Live the other day monday the 17th May.

I rang up that Victoria Derbyshires program which I have never done before,
I got involved when they were talking about the Labour Leadership issue
just befor the 12.00pm news.

I wasn't intrrupted either which surprised me, I basically said they haven't got
a decent candidate to be Labour leader at all.

I called Ed Balls Creepy because he is and I couldn't think of anything nice to say
about him.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Mixed Up

I had a similar thought as Old Holborn, on the issue of the New labour leadership
after the FINAL depature of the one eyed snot Goblin.

It didn't take me long to think aye-aye here we go this is the left's opportunity,
to wheel in some mixed race individual slightly to the lighter side of dark.

Then after changing his original name to something more in line with policy
they can put the red rossette on his lapel.

Initiate gruesome forning over this individual to distract the attention of the press and the mongs for a bit leaving the LibCOn's dangling exposure wise, whilst getting on with ruining the economy.

And when the person with the right name the right accent the right haircut and right on views
is ready then on to the final stage : The Hero Building phase.

We saw this in the States with Barrry Oblimey, he came out of nowhere (it appears) but is really
just as hand picked as the rest of them.

Then the real sickening  part of this political pantomime is played out the false bigging up of this
new messiah.
These are my humble predictions for the future of Nulabour even if they pick one of the robot boy
Millibands in the meantime, it will not last I can just Picture Manglebums out now window shopping
for the next Election winning Leader of Nu Labour.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Gordons Memory Recovers

Merely hours after leaving office Gordon's memory appears to have
started to recover.
Our mole in Fife has told how Gordon has suddenly remembered where half our Gold Reserves
were all along.

But our insider has said Gordon will remain tight lipped at least until he and Mandy
can get their hands on a shovel, forklift truck and suitable transport.

The mole who had his ear firmly pressed to the Brown home's office door at the time of
learning about the stash commented :

"Gordons been under a lot of pressure lately"
"It seems leaving the stress of the No 10 Bunker has had a dramatic effect on his health & his memory"

This turn of events would explain the cryptic comments Lord Mangleboys was heard making to Alistair Campbell earlier today in London :
 He was overheard heard commenting  that he was going to buy Gordon a Metal Detector as a farewell gift but now he no longer needed to.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Here We Go

Been busy working and doing a spot of DIY in the garden today and yesterday
still got a bit to finish off tomorrow, so I had the pleasure of Radio 5 Lies live all day.

Now we have the final departure of the snot goblin, we can go on to the hung parliament
phase of the scenario playing out.
This is pretty much the best situation for all the politicians (which they wanted) as they can
now as I have mentioned before pretty much sit back and point fingers at one another.

They will be doing this as the financial system continues to be collapsed around us.

On the upside I cannot wait to hear BBC coverage over the coming weeks, as they
may have to actually start reporting on matters (until they get a cosy up proper with Lib/Cons).

This I am looking forward to immensely as they will struggle to actually do a bit of journalism
(cough) for a change, instead of the usual regurtating and parroting of communist centrals diktats.

Oh they didn't sound happy at the Beeb. 
The best bit of the day came with Nick Robinsons Introduction of Cameron
He said This arrival at downing street is not like the sunshine filled day full of happiness when Blair arrived 13 years ago.
Camerons arrival was a cold and dark one in comparison.

I am no Tory fan and certainly no Lib fan either but the sheer naked peevishness of the Beeb this
past day & a half has been political news entertainment of the best quality.

The roll call of Labour/Commie Tosspots,Liggers, Arse Lickers, Liars, Hypocrites, Delusional Mental Retards of all kinds has been a right laugh.

Just the BBC News at ten lot this evening was enough, they all had faces like a slapped arse - pure joy.

The comment I read somewhere about the day after Blairs election the one with the
champagne bottles being strewn in the corridors, I wonder what will be strewn throughout
the beeb tomorrow?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Gordons New Suit

Gordon Brown has been outfitted with a couple of new suits, his usual tailors
on Saville Row were a little perplexed as to
why he had ordered velcro backing to his new apparel.

                                          Rapper Dizzee Rascal on a
                                          visit earlier today at No 10

All was to be revealed earlier today however when Gordooms
use for his new suits became apparent.  Gordoom always one for prudence &
planning ahead ordered the new suits 2 weeks ago.

He earlier commented that they were entirely constitutional as was fitting velcro walls
and ceilings to the his Downing Street bunker.  Brown gave re-assurances that
the costs involved would be paid for out of his own pocket

Asked for a comment  on the situation Lord Mandleson said : " the new suit
gives Gordon a commanding poisition and is also very fetching in blue".

In a surprise visit Rapper Dizzee Rascal visited Downing street to give Mr Brown
some words of encouragement & was quoted as saying :
"He should get down from that wall innit man"
"Gordon Brown is one Crayzee MotherFucker if you ask me".

It remains unclear how long Gordoom can keep this up for, In tomorrows 4 page analysis
we will have Dr Hillary Jones on sabbatical from his usual GMTV spot.
Giving us the possible medical implications of glueing and velcroing  yourself
to a wall and remaining there indefinately.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Plan To Move Number 10

Another solution is at hand after the International Rescue attempts failed earlier today.
We now have to go to plan B.

Call in the MegaMovers from Channel 5 & Discovery channel.
They have given a reasonable estimate of £300k to jack up 10 Downing Street with Gordoom Inside
 & safely transport him up to his constituency.

Gordo keeps his shiney desk at No 10 and we can re-build the section of Downing Street with
cheap Labour from Eastern Europe.

Total estimate £320k  - £300 Grand for the Good ole U.S of A Moving Team and £20 Grand for the Polish type Building crew  Bargain!
Who said unfettered immigration is not useful !
Artist's Impression of the Planned No 10 Downing Street Move.

International Rescue Called!

Thunderbirds Are Go! The general public have called for International Recue to employ one
of their machines.   THE MOLE.

The Mole Pictured above is our only hope of extracting the               Prime Monster Gordoom Brown.
Lets hope The Tracy Gang at International Rescue can get to Downing Street quickly from their Tracy Island base.
The Monster Brown could be more of a formidable opponent than the Thundrbirds old enemy The Hood.
 Thunderbirds Are Go!


For Sale Ballot Machines.

I have For sale 5 Ballot Changing Machines that have had very little use  mint condition (used once actually)
One careful Male owner of all 5 machines.

Each Machine comes with a cast iron gaurantee that it will change the X on any kind of Ballot papers
for the one desired, capacity approx 20,000 Ballots changed per hour if required (full capacity).
Any interested parties please ring me on 07****5623 Business Hours preffered unless you are calling from an international destination e.g Zimbabwe,China, etc.. Then anytime.
No timewasters please, no canvassers £8,600 Per machine O.N.O First to see will buy !,
If buying more than one machine discount will be considered..
All machines currently distributed throught U.K but will be brought back to Scotland by : 10 May 2010
Local pick up only from Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland U.K. area & all inspections welcome.

Our Reputation Damaged?

Another point I nearly missed of course is a matter we are all kind of insulated from due to us being here
in the middle of it all.

And that is our reputation Internationally will be being damaged right now, it will make us look like
we couldn't run a piss up in a brewery let alone a shag in a brothel if our lives depended on it.

That is just my humble opinion but I'll bet some certain countries ar laughing at us right now, and that
just grinds my gears a little.

Well done Gordo you have unleashed that Jonah effect yet again you absolute clusterfuck of a human being.

This Whole Affair Stinks.

What the hall is going on? I have said in past posts that they were pushing for a hung parliament
so no overall party will get the blame when the financial stuff goes down bigtime.

But there is something very odd about what is happening here, and as I said a few weeks
ago I had discussions with people about the forthcoming election etc...
and I had the distinct feeling Brown & NuLabour would keep hold of power at all costs.

If this situation isn't resolved by Monday afternoon at the latest, we are all being played
(I know we usually are anyway but more so).

I get an uneasy feeling about what is happening at the moment and it's not because there is no landslide victory for a particular party, I get the distinct feeling if you swapped Labours role and the Tories
there would be no discussion, they would just buldgeon public opinon via the BBC etc... and just carry on.

Weirdness is pervading this election and I get the distinct waft of corruption, not just with the election day cock ups/lack of papers and facilities but the postal vote frauds also.

Nothing said about either hardly, like they are not an issue (sky have been covering the polling cock ups) to be fair.

But for how long? Long enough to wait for people to get distracted by something else perhaps? Like a world cup or something similarly distracting?

Then business as usual.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Cameron offers deal to Clegg

Things are looking up slightly if cleggy accepts cameroids offer we can see the snot
gobbler being told to pack his fucking bags yay!

Also weirdly enough Cameron said he would scrap the expensive and dangerous I.D card scheme
Woo Hooo!  Things are looking up

Nightmare Scenario

Aaaaarrggghhh wil the snot gobbler just fuck off now!
He's still clinging on if cleggy does a deal.

If he stays in power after today because of the Libtards there must surely be fucking riots in
the streets especially all those denied a vote last night AND all those dodgy postal votes still being counted in.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bushmills At The Ready

Got the supplies in for tonight, voting completed work out of the way for the day so grabbed a bottle
of Bushmills Triple Distilled for the evenings entertainment.

So I am looking forward to whatever transpires tonight hopefully an end to the snot gobblers reign of
stupifying terror.

Also I noticed no police at our local polling station (again) and there were no rozzers present when freinds
later voted (I asked them to nosey around for me).

So whatever I'll be over at G.O.T's Live blog hopefully before too many drinks take effect.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hung Parliament?

As I said in a previous post I get the distinct feeling that a hung parliament is on the cards, so that
when the financial crap comes down on us as in Greece they can all stand there pointing fingers at one another.

Or we could have a real upset and find many more Independent or smaller parties gaining seats, wouldn't that be something to be proud of.

I have just watched the BBC news they gave the final word to Broon I noticed, oh what joy it would be if every single M.P currently sitting lost it to someone new as payback for the expenses scandals.

It may not be likely but it would be glorious.

I have just noticed also that hazel Blears is running in the Salford constituency for Nulabour the cheeky bitch,
she is seriously despised in that constituency after the expenses debacle burnt her, only plebs and the feckless will vote for her again and if she does manage to hold that seat the people of Salford deserve all the crap coming their way they really do.

But you never know in Salford as elsewhere we may just see something great occur all three main parties getting a drubbing.

After watching the polls it is evident they haven't a clue what is going to happen.

 I will be watching with interest, it looks like the only choice where I am in the Blackley ward is between UKIP & the BNP looks like it may be a tough choice, but that is it in these parts and as Leg Iron points out
only the BNP has said they will sort out the smoking ban.

Whereas UKIP seem to offer all the Quango Scrapping goodness & E.U. scrapping of red tape etc...
Even if they don't do massively well a few M.P's from either party will stick one in the eye of the corrupt bunch of twats we have at the moment.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Election Postal Vote Rigging.

As pointed out by Dazed here Mail's report on postal fraud these are
typical New Labour tricks, this has been known up near these parts since the last election at least by
those who don't wear the horse blinkers.

And that is just the half of it, anybody brave enough to raise such concerns however has had the usual vitriol
and cries of racist/bigot etc... Poured on them from high by the righteous.

This is the problem with the imposition of thought crimes by the Left it masks at all costs the nature of
the situation as it really is.

Reality bites as they say, but still the righteous Left and die in the wool Red bracers wil just shrug shoulders
and twist reality around to suit their world view (along with the other two).

We are all racist,homophobes,stupid, bigoted young/old women and men you see.
That is the incorrect and unfair view held by those who seek to rule over us by whatever means necessary
reality does not count, only the happy clappy claptrap of the utopia envisaged by these people does.

Just listening to the various justifications of Brown calling a Granny a bigot by Labour supporters
last week involved some astonishing mental gymnastics of the worst kind, but try they did.

The scary part of this behaviour of supporting the corrupt and indefensible was by a lot of traditional Labour
supporters (no surprise there) but also more so by a lot of students from my observations.

Boy has that last 12 years of brainwashing in schools worked a charm, that is worrying as much as the
corrupting influences shipped in by Labour this past 13 years or so.

If this situation isn't got to grips with using the full force of the law then we will soon find ourselves living in
the Banana Republic it is slowly turning into permanently.

Burying our collective heads in the sand in order not to inflame sensibilities will not only do us all a great
disservice, but will have us in the control in certain swathes of the land by this fifth column  that have been welcomed both with open arms and closed minds.

What is the final cost of this social experiment enacted upon us?

That is the kind of question that is not easily answered whilst being under the constant threat of accusation
by the righteous.

If this situation is not reversed and rectified properly and this postal vote fraud is not stopped it is going to lead eventually to the exact opposite of what the righteous envisaged.

And that is a fractured, splintered, divided and more dangerous society, this is the future that awaits us all.

Is this what the Left really want's? Is this what they wish for us all? It's not what I want. 
It will not be the free Libertarian live and let live future we could all do with it will be the exact opposite.

Unfortunately yet again the great and good in our society have had their trusting nature and good intentions used against them by sad pathetic politicians of all colours and stripes who only have self interest at the centre of their intentions.

Staged Events For The Citizens?

Sorry about lack of posts recently to any of the few regular visitors, I've been busy last couple
of weeks working, travelling and playing (a bit).

There was a meeting today I caught on the news at that church/hall in London as far as I could gather
where Gordoom got up and talked rubbish as usual in a vain attempt to salvage his campaign for the General Election.

At this event a man who was described as a well known anti nuclear protestor jumped up and made
an arse of himself holding up a poster saying "NuKiller Power No".

He was also described as an anti smoking protestor, so a professional arse then, not satisfied with
one issue tearing away at his insides he has two issues with which to be righteous about.

However it still did not answer why such a well known protestor could make it inside, and why he seemed to put up little resistance when led off stage initially by one man only?

The whole thing seemed odd and staged in order to give Gordoom a boost possibly or just some attention?
Well maybe we will never know but it seemed phoney to me all the same.

There was at this Citizens UK shindig a couple of speakers other than Broon, one of which appeared
to be a priest or vicar of some sort.
 He appeared to be wearing a dog collar anyway so I can only presume, I also did not catch his name.

I bring this up as this man sporting the dog collar kept reffering to the audience as citizens?

What the hell is all that about? This meeting/rally was a barely disguised communist party get together,
one can only wonder why any Labour supporter of old would lap this crap up?

The loony/staged protester moron was not what disturbed me it was the rest of what was said that did,
The Gorgon even brought up slavery again just so he could give Barry Obama a mention.

 If you get a chance give it a look hereLoony protestor at weird commie rally, there was something
profoundly disturbing about the whole affair and I mean more than the usual lying guff the politicans come out with.
I can only presume it's going to be even weirder in the next couple of days before polling day.