Saturday, 15 May 2010

Mixed Up

I had a similar thought as Old Holborn, on the issue of the New labour leadership
after the FINAL depature of the one eyed snot Goblin.

It didn't take me long to think aye-aye here we go this is the left's opportunity,
to wheel in some mixed race individual slightly to the lighter side of dark.

Then after changing his original name to something more in line with policy
they can put the red rossette on his lapel.

Initiate gruesome forning over this individual to distract the attention of the press and the mongs for a bit leaving the LibCOn's dangling exposure wise, whilst getting on with ruining the economy.

And when the person with the right name the right accent the right haircut and right on views
is ready then on to the final stage : The Hero Building phase.

We saw this in the States with Barrry Oblimey, he came out of nowhere (it appears) but is really
just as hand picked as the rest of them.

Then the real sickening  part of this political pantomime is played out the false bigging up of this
new messiah.
These are my humble predictions for the future of Nulabour even if they pick one of the robot boy
Millibands in the meantime, it will not last I can just Picture Manglebums out now window shopping
for the next Election winning Leader of Nu Labour.

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