Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Election Postal Vote Rigging.

As pointed out by Dazed here Mail's report on postal fraud these are
typical New Labour tricks, this has been known up near these parts since the last election at least by
those who don't wear the horse blinkers.

And that is just the half of it, anybody brave enough to raise such concerns however has had the usual vitriol
and cries of racist/bigot etc... Poured on them from high by the righteous.

This is the problem with the imposition of thought crimes by the Left it masks at all costs the nature of
the situation as it really is.

Reality bites as they say, but still the righteous Left and die in the wool Red bracers wil just shrug shoulders
and twist reality around to suit their world view (along with the other two).

We are all racist,homophobes,stupid, bigoted young/old women and men you see.
That is the incorrect and unfair view held by those who seek to rule over us by whatever means necessary
reality does not count, only the happy clappy claptrap of the utopia envisaged by these people does.

Just listening to the various justifications of Brown calling a Granny a bigot by Labour supporters
last week involved some astonishing mental gymnastics of the worst kind, but try they did.

The scary part of this behaviour of supporting the corrupt and indefensible was by a lot of traditional Labour
supporters (no surprise there) but also more so by a lot of students from my observations.

Boy has that last 12 years of brainwashing in schools worked a charm, that is worrying as much as the
corrupting influences shipped in by Labour this past 13 years or so.

If this situation isn't got to grips with using the full force of the law then we will soon find ourselves living in
the Banana Republic it is slowly turning into permanently.

Burying our collective heads in the sand in order not to inflame sensibilities will not only do us all a great
disservice, but will have us in the control in certain swathes of the land by this fifth column  that have been welcomed both with open arms and closed minds.

What is the final cost of this social experiment enacted upon us?

That is the kind of question that is not easily answered whilst being under the constant threat of accusation
by the righteous.

If this situation is not reversed and rectified properly and this postal vote fraud is not stopped it is going to lead eventually to the exact opposite of what the righteous envisaged.

And that is a fractured, splintered, divided and more dangerous society, this is the future that awaits us all.

Is this what the Left really want's? Is this what they wish for us all? It's not what I want. 
It will not be the free Libertarian live and let live future we could all do with it will be the exact opposite.

Unfortunately yet again the great and good in our society have had their trusting nature and good intentions used against them by sad pathetic politicians of all colours and stripes who only have self interest at the centre of their intentions.

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