Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Gordons Memory Recovers

Merely hours after leaving office Gordon's memory appears to have
started to recover.
Our mole in Fife has told how Gordon has suddenly remembered where half our Gold Reserves
were all along.

But our insider has said Gordon will remain tight lipped at least until he and Mandy
can get their hands on a shovel, forklift truck and suitable transport.

The mole who had his ear firmly pressed to the Brown home's office door at the time of
learning about the stash commented :

"Gordons been under a lot of pressure lately"
"It seems leaving the stress of the No 10 Bunker has had a dramatic effect on his health & his memory"

This turn of events would explain the cryptic comments Lord Mangleboys was heard making to Alistair Campbell earlier today in London :
 He was overheard heard commenting  that he was going to buy Gordon a Metal Detector as a farewell gift but now he no longer needed to.

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