Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Here We Go

Been busy working and doing a spot of DIY in the garden today and yesterday
still got a bit to finish off tomorrow, so I had the pleasure of Radio 5 Lies live all day.

Now we have the final departure of the snot goblin, we can go on to the hung parliament
phase of the scenario playing out.
This is pretty much the best situation for all the politicians (which they wanted) as they can
now as I have mentioned before pretty much sit back and point fingers at one another.

They will be doing this as the financial system continues to be collapsed around us.

On the upside I cannot wait to hear BBC coverage over the coming weeks, as they
may have to actually start reporting on matters (until they get a cosy up proper with Lib/Cons).

This I am looking forward to immensely as they will struggle to actually do a bit of journalism
(cough) for a change, instead of the usual regurtating and parroting of communist centrals diktats.

Oh they didn't sound happy at the Beeb. 
The best bit of the day came with Nick Robinsons Introduction of Cameron
He said This arrival at downing street is not like the sunshine filled day full of happiness when Blair arrived 13 years ago.
Camerons arrival was a cold and dark one in comparison.

I am no Tory fan and certainly no Lib fan either but the sheer naked peevishness of the Beeb this
past day & a half has been political news entertainment of the best quality.

The roll call of Labour/Commie Tosspots,Liggers, Arse Lickers, Liars, Hypocrites, Delusional Mental Retards of all kinds has been a right laugh.

Just the BBC News at ten lot this evening was enough, they all had faces like a slapped arse - pure joy.

The comment I read somewhere about the day after Blairs election the one with the
champagne bottles being strewn in the corridors, I wonder what will be strewn throughout
the beeb tomorrow?

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