Saturday, 8 May 2010

This Whole Affair Stinks.

What the hall is going on? I have said in past posts that they were pushing for a hung parliament
so no overall party will get the blame when the financial stuff goes down bigtime.

But there is something very odd about what is happening here, and as I said a few weeks
ago I had discussions with people about the forthcoming election etc...
and I had the distinct feeling Brown & NuLabour would keep hold of power at all costs.

If this situation isn't resolved by Monday afternoon at the latest, we are all being played
(I know we usually are anyway but more so).

I get an uneasy feeling about what is happening at the moment and it's not because there is no landslide victory for a particular party, I get the distinct feeling if you swapped Labours role and the Tories
there would be no discussion, they would just buldgeon public opinon via the BBC etc... and just carry on.

Weirdness is pervading this election and I get the distinct waft of corruption, not just with the election day cock ups/lack of papers and facilities but the postal vote frauds also.

Nothing said about either hardly, like they are not an issue (sky have been covering the polling cock ups) to be fair.

But for how long? Long enough to wait for people to get distracted by something else perhaps? Like a world cup or something similarly distracting?

Then business as usual.

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