Sunday, 23 May 2010

Building a Bar

Been busy working this week again so not had time to post again much, apart
from being busy with my normal work, I have also been using my spare time constructively.

As there seems to be less and less places to go for a drink around where I live,
 and the ones that are left behind after the smoking ban are either full of old cronies or the
other type filled with dickheads.

Now you see an unintended consequence of the Smoking ban and the silly Taxes levied
on the the Licensing trade and alcohol Taxes etc..
Is that the crones who still go out ( ex public servants - no doubt on their gold plated pensions from our council tax money) congregate in fewer and fewer  pubs, and also the dickheads have also
gone into concentrate in to the rest of the pubs left.

So I decided to build my own bar outback, I had already built a deck and pergola job a couple
of years ago so it was just a matter of extending what was there.

Its turned out nice as well,  nobody to tell you off, nobody to tell you not to smoke (I like a cigar with a drink)
and it has been a real pleasure sticking one in the eye of the busybodies and best of all

I can invite who I want as it's my bar.
bring your own bottle or sup what I provide, as no money is exchanged there are no laws
covering my private bar other than the normal ones covering property.

I went to the bother of doing this as there were no obvious signs from Cleggeron's Lot about
the smoking ban and what I have on alcohol is not good.

So cheers all!   will be having fun kitting it out with pumps and optics etc over the coming weeks
and that is what it's all about FUN not that the drones know how to have it.

I am sure this is what got pubs going in the first place - a gaff with a bar every other street away
swings and roundabouts I suppose.

You see no matter how hard you killjoys try there will be people like me who ignore all your bollocks
and continue to have fun our way and not yours.

Chin Chin.

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