Sunday, 9 May 2010

Gordons New Suit

Gordon Brown has been outfitted with a couple of new suits, his usual tailors
on Saville Row were a little perplexed as to
why he had ordered velcro backing to his new apparel.

                                          Rapper Dizzee Rascal on a
                                          visit earlier today at No 10

All was to be revealed earlier today however when Gordooms
use for his new suits became apparent.  Gordoom always one for prudence &
planning ahead ordered the new suits 2 weeks ago.

He earlier commented that they were entirely constitutional as was fitting velcro walls
and ceilings to the his Downing Street bunker.  Brown gave re-assurances that
the costs involved would be paid for out of his own pocket

Asked for a comment  on the situation Lord Mandleson said : " the new suit
gives Gordon a commanding poisition and is also very fetching in blue".

In a surprise visit Rapper Dizzee Rascal visited Downing street to give Mr Brown
some words of encouragement & was quoted as saying :
"He should get down from that wall innit man"
"Gordon Brown is one Crayzee MotherFucker if you ask me".

It remains unclear how long Gordoom can keep this up for, In tomorrows 4 page analysis
we will have Dr Hillary Jones on sabbatical from his usual GMTV spot.
Giving us the possible medical implications of glueing and velcroing  yourself
to a wall and remaining there indefinately.

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