Sunday, 11 April 2010

Lets Get Ready To Rumble....Or Not.

Last week the (Sat April3rd) as a little birthday treat I took my sister to see the heavyweight championship fight Haye Vs Ruiz at the M.E.N Arena in Manchester (the older you get the presents are harder to think of good ones anyway) and she likes boxing & so do I.

Now I don't know if any of you have been to a decent boxing fight but the average punter at these events can be best decribed as "Characters" and they came in all variances of bald/shaved headedness ,tattoos, gold teeth and a smattering of criminality and the usual short skirted totty in tow.

Also there were an equal number of smartly dressed suited & booted individuals and also thier short skirted
totty in tow.
There were officially 18,000 individual spectators in attendance at the event but I have been
to lots of big events in the past,  having worked at most of the major stadiums in the north in the past including the M.E.N.) and I'm sure there was more than that.
There was plenty of beer & cider flowing and even though there is an official no smoking rule in the arena
a quick trip to the trench like toilet facilities would attest otherwise.
So there I was surrounded by increasingly drunk people all having a ball of a time steeped in the atmosphere of fighting. 
And something struck me that has occured to me before but for different reasons and what struck me was there was NO TROUBLE & NO FIGHTING not outside the ring anyway. 

There might have been but not in all the thousands that passed me there wasn't any, never saw any trouble never picked up on any and having been in hospitality in the past I have a sixth sense for it.

And the reason why so many adults were behaving ?
Ah some of you will cry no trouble because of tight well organised security, and heavy police precence?


All night all I witnessed were TWO yes TWO coppers, real ones mind not those plastic ones, and to be honest they would have been about as much use as Gordon brown at a Gold Auction if things went sour.

But things didn't go sour and it was glorious, there we were all adults together getting plastered all by ourselves eating hotdogs and other various confections and concoctions that we are told not to by the nanny state.
And the reason being? There were no antagonists - simple there was no one to bounce off i.e the police or in the case of a political protest the police & opposition group.

When the authorities manage events there is usually some kind of organised riot on the side, some say football is the opium of the masses & experts point to the Roman Empire and they say that the leaders of Rome used the amphitheaters and colliseum as the great passifiers of the crowds blood lust.

Well it works obviously, but there was something different last week maybe its the fact that most of the blokes there looked like extras from the films Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch and the authorities would have a small scale war on if they started on that particular crowd & not some poofty football riot.

Either way & whatever your view the point is when left to our own devices we are smart enough in the main to know who is our enemy who is a real and who is an imagined threat, but involve the Government or any other authority figure & the situation changes dramatically.

As I mentioned earlier this boxing event reminded me of something, and it reminded me that before 1997 & this rotten government got in I used to frequent the pubs & clubs in the city centre and the outskirts all over the place really and you could smoke in them as well, and guess what I don't remember hordes of riot police waiting outside.

When this lot got in (Labour) something changed.

 And I'm not claiming there were never police patrols or trouble before 1997 as that's plainly not true but i'll tell you what you noticed the differnce afterwards.

Pre 97' if you got in a fight in or outside of a city center pub/club you had better know what you were doing or had mates to back you up, because if you didn't you were in trouble.

So you behaved yourself and if you didn't bouncers & other people wanting a nice night out dealt with you because you were being a fucking nuisance and acting like a child.

Now we are all treated like children and not allowed to smoke and not do this or that and i'm sick to death of manufactured bullshit spoiling my life IF YOU DON'T LIKE SMOKY PLACES DONT FUCKING GO INTO THEM.
If you don't like human beings who drink DONT GO TO THE PUBs OR CLUBs.

If anybody votes for the main three parties they are admitting to themselves they want to be treated like a child it's as simple as that.
Like the Brown Gorgon if you like wearing a nappy and riding a rocking horse then thats your thing  not mine but please stop treating the rest of us like children ENOUGH ALREADY.
Sister got very plastered ate 2 x hotdogs 1/2 a bucket of popcorn & no fighting involving her reported on the night.

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