Friday, 9 April 2010

Election Time Who Really Wants It?

Why do I get the uneasy feeling that none of the Big Two & a Half parties actually wants to win?

Look at that ballsack of a face the BROWN GORGON he wouldn't even call a snap election because nobody in the whole of these isles wanted to vote for the sad sack of shite so......what the fuck is he expecting at this election that he's HAD to feckin call?

Then we move on to FODERICK The Fod i.e the Cameroon doing his best to pretend he is clean cut & doesn't do what the righteous expect him not to do, I remember when he was being touted for leadership after Dracula was being pushed out as leader & he was smoking like a bastard chimney like the ones we used to av'e up here.
Don't tell me now that he is on the brink of power of sorts (again not like it used to be) with the EUSSR and all' that he doesn't smoke like a bastard who's about to go into his first seminary with Father O'Kidyboyfiddle
and don't tell me he doesn't drink like a fish or do other things to relax because all of us adults know he does
so why pretend otherwise? It just winds us up. Pack It In!

Now lets get on to No Cloggs,  He is the leader of people who are worse than the above mentioned Labour & Tory voters.  They are worse because they don't have an inkling that the party they are voting for has LIBERAL in the fucking title, How the Fuck can a party that supports the SMOKING BAN call themselves LIBERAL?
These really are the kind of saggy faced tosspots who will jump on the nearest banwagon that they think is good for their particular personal image.
Now that really bends the mind what kind of kudos do you need to attain as Lib Dem supporter to be, In order to get your leg over?

I can't stretch my mind that far as I ran out of L.S.D in about 1999. And getting your legover with some straw faced harridan is the only thing I can imagine as a benefit to being a Lib Dem voter.
Also I keep expecting Vince Cable to come out in a straw boater and put Cleggy on his knee & do a ventriloquist act. But thats just me.

What I feel coming down the shit pipe of life towards us is a massive colamitus crash of massive proportions
one where you join the bread queue for food & not just cancel the next holiday abroad.
That kind of calamity, lets put it this way if the bond market interest payment demands keep on rising the way they have been then it's good nighht vienna & no great smile from the Gorgon, Foderick, No Cloggs OR the great Barry Obama will take the pain away.
I am just being a realist if you have the odd 500 or 1000 Quid/Dollars/Euros spare now might be a good time to invest in something that you can either stand in that is completely yours or drive that is yours & you like or can count that is yours i.e silver gold coins bars etc...
I say this as a complete optimist the sooner the shit hits the fan the sooner we can get back to what matters.
I'm off now to finish this bottle of scotch with lemon sugar cubes & hot water I've got a blistering sore throat to take care of.


  1. Can't argue with any of that. I think the only certainty is we KNOW that Labour have done a crap job for 13 years.

    Dioclese (PS Thanks for following my blog)