Sunday, 28 March 2010

Double Yellow Lines

Hello Blog reader

This is my first blog posting so forgiveness for lack of knowledge or ettiquette.

This being my first posting I would like to bring your attention to the current situation
with regards to the environment created by our Dear Leader The Brown Gorgon & previously The Tiny Blair.

Up in these parts of Mancunian land you would not think a general election was about to take place, normally (in elections gone by) you would have seen posters declaring Labour mostly to be the party of choice, and the odd rebel Tory or Lib dem poster displayed in peoples windows with the aid of sellotape etc... showingthe crooked/fat faced smile of the usual encumbents.

But I have not seen any so far and the memory of such things are possibly a fading memory of mine and of terraced streets gone by.

Either way there is not much talk of the coming election.

There has been noticed the ability of the councils/highways agencies eagerness to paint white lines and double yellows at vairious points (usually near/around schools etc.) And a variety of speed humps whilst completely ignoring the nearby potholes in the roads.

Now this you could be forgiven as a simple lapse in scheduling of the road crews in installing said
humps and pretty coloured lines on our roads as a simple clash with the schedules of our road maintainers.
But I have a feeling that this is not the case.

I would like to know who are the main beneficiaires of this explosion of coulour & contour on our heavily taxed roads paid for by us motorists?
I have invested in a 4x4 much to the chagrin of our local busybodies in the politburo not for the reasons of traversing fields as a farmer might but as a remedy to my growing back discomfort with the state of the bloody roads.

Who are the main share holders of the paint/surfacing company providing this kaleidoscope of colours shapes & messages?
This I would truly wish to discover as whomever they may be they must be on a roll dividends wise.
What next? A ban on those without child using the many 20mph limit/school zones?
I don't know but you can bet the commissars at council HQ have already floated the idea.
That's all for now will add more if any body reads/comments etc (will anyway) in the hope that this dystopia being created can at some point be reversed.

Yours The Boggart.


  1. Welcome to Blogworld, Boggart.

    Keep it coming. We need all the rage we can get.

  2. Just noticed and corrected the time stamps