Monday, 29 March 2010


As I posted earlier I wish to register some of my observations about the local pubs
which have closed down recently due in no small part to the smoking ban, high taxes and the
general wilful destruction of our local communities.

Now I don't know the individual circumstances in your area of residence but I bet there is something similar afoot.
I am talking here about the re-opening of the former drinking establishments after being bought at a reduced value as either new places of worship, strange cash and carry shops which seem to sell crap produce not all of which appears to be kosher if you know what I mean or vaguely edible.

And last but not least former pubs being bought by in our case the Labour council who leading up to the ban on smoking (and currently still do) whipped up a storm of indignation in the local rag along with the righteous about the booze culture & how something must be done about it usually for the cheeellldren!

Now we see a local Landmark pub (which my dear departed gran worked in) being turned into a local council funded & run education centre for the mongs & the feckless to spend their days being brainwashed & patronised into servitude.

The blatant and from my point of view corrupt shenanigans of the council is enough to make me puke my ring
but there seems to be an observable pattern of behaviour when this pub takeover occurs.

Those pubs that have not already fallen into the hands of government programmers or cash & carry tycoons from who knows where will expect the following treatment :

1.  Local paper/rag will feature the fat faced tossers from the council bleating still about booze culture, shrillness increased to suit.
2. A blind eye turned when the local hire a thug crime family or syndicate is hired/takes the pub over & turns it into something akin to the harlem ghetto of the 80's.
3. The crime syndicates granted a new licence in an unexplainable fashion.
4. The locals then call for something to be done for the cheeelldren what with the drug dealing noise etc..
5. The pub is closed due to the councils outrage at irresponsible pub management etc.. until further notice.
6. The pub then sits empty as mysteriously even the most squeaky clean individual cannot obtain a liqour    licence.
7. The pubs owners sell to the nearest flavour of the month Religious group  cheaply or for nothing in some cases, The cash and carry tycoon, Developers with a green bent etc...
8. The locals then decry the closure of the pubs and having nowhere to go of an evening so stay indoors to get some more brainwashing from the idiot box in the corner.
9.  Locals still vote Labour/Conservative/Lib Dem as thats what they always have done and nothing changes  & only gets worse for them.
10 Local council moves on to next target/property on their radar.

And before you jump up and say that wont happen round where I live it will trust me.
I'm off for a tot of whisky and a bottle or two of Duvel Lager (yes at home).
Yours for now The Boggart.

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