Monday, 29 March 2010

Changing Faces

What is happening locally in my area is astonishing with regards the influx of new people (I travel regularly on business to the south east so it allows me a comparison).
Now I am with Leg Iron & others when it comes to liberty etc.. We should be left alone to go about our normal business unhindered by others as long as we are not harming anybody in our persuits.

So just to give you an idea of what I am talking about it seems the influx of eastern europeans some of which settled & others who went elsewhere after being in the area a while was followed 18-24 months ago by a very large number of people with an african connection.
The consequences of this inflow of people did not in many ways directly affect me but in some others they do.

The small matters of not queing in the local supermarkets/shops has recently abated to a large extent,  I think the newcomers were shocked at the veracity of most people to follow the queing rules (you should see the old battle axes round here).

So minor irritations aside it really did not affect me directly them choosing this area to settle in.  But the rumors still start and I am intelligent enough in most instances to find out for myself/make my own mind up as to what the reality of the local situation is.
It was noticed that most of the odd vacant shops on the local main high street/road were being opened up as african style foodshops & hairdressers etc...
And again being a libertarian if others wish to open a business good look to them and if others wish to patronise these premises it has nothing whatsoever to do with me.
And as more and more open up I still thought what business is it of mine?
Then the council stcks its corrupt little paws into the mix and starts on the surface at least to be supporting these businesses in ways they simply did not do before the new arrivals.

So I was taken aback when the local paper The Advertiser (pure leftwing shit propaganda) had an article explaining that these shops are not being visited & used by the indigenous people in the area because the signs above the shops wre not clear & we poor yokels could not understand what some of them were selling.

So as a consequence of this situation the local councillors Karney and Murphy said they would be using our tax money to furnish these shops with nice new signs.
Now if you question such matters round this neck of the woods you just get cries of RACIST! from the mongs and the vested interest busybodies.

But this struck me on more than one level as divisive and unfair.

 For a start I have been blessed with 20/20 vision & have no difficulty seeing these premises & what they are purveying and even before our tax money was lavished on these new businesses I could see for myself that the dried bushmeats dried fish products and odd vegetables were not suited to my pallette or taste and probably never would be.

This the councillors just don't get, they are so far up their own arses on the multi-cultural bandwagon that the mere inconvenience that us locals dont like what the Africans and others are selling is not seen or taken as reality rather thsn as a matter that needs money throwing at to solve the problem.
It gets better than that though it seems that despite the sheer waste of our tax money on these premises it still
did not entice more of us in to buy the bushmeat or get an afro haircut or purchase bright orange pointy shoes.

The reasons for the lack of enthusiasm for these products & services were obvious but not to our dear leaders no.  We are now to be re-educated as to the africans/others ways and culture and culinary delights using more of our fucking tax money, this will take place in the guise of workshops/brainwashing get togethers etc and weekly bullshit in the local rag.
All of which will be paid for via our tax money this is what makes me become involved this is what makes me angry.

The sheer naked audacity of our local troughng bastards at the council knows no bounds, they are in my opinion a bunch of theiving cunts anyway,  Now they are reaching into my life and my affairs by suggesting I am too thick to understand other peoples cultures and ways and as a cosequence need re-educating.

What an utter load of insulting bollocks this is, this is the kind of thing that gets my blood boiling.
It is one of the many other reasons I stated this blog even if no reads it then at least I have put down what I feel you never know just one person reading and seeing these issues from my point of view will possibly help stem the tide of utter shite parading as local (and National) Politicians.
Will add more later Local Pubs next I have some points to put down.


  1. Why did you start this post with the words: "I am not a racist"?

    From moment one, you've done precisely what these Socialists have indoctrinated people to declare, thus playing into the hands of their politically correct mandate.

    Don't play by their rules anymore, this is a new decade, and it's certainly not theirs. Call a spade a spade and to hell with their politically correct connotations and wide eyed hysteria.

    Things have gone too far, enough is enough. Our current Socialist elite have made reference to the B.N.P. for far too long, when ordinary people question the motives surrounding flooding our Cities, with other cultures and religions, whom by both logic and definition, import their own customs and baggage into British communities.

    It's not "racist" to point out these occurrences. It's cold hard fact, and of course the paradox is, that the left wing Socialists are accusing people of being right wing Socialists, if they dare so much as disagree with their despicable agenda of divide and rule politics.

    I am not a Socialist of any standing. I will not be silenced. I will not play their games anymore. I have had enough.

  2. Fair point dazed & confused I'm a bit new to this game
    and take the advice on board.
    I mean that it's not sarcasm of any sort.
    So. From now on I will not be using
    IANAR type shit your right it's like downtown Soweto
    near my gaff & I amsick to fucking death of it.
    Point taken gloves will be well & truly off in future posts.

  3. Changed Post to take out I.A.N.A.R etc

  4. Perfect post to check you out on to be honest. As if you stick around for a while, you come to realise for yourself how many U.A.F. droids we now have amongst us, telling us how to think, and act, and what to say, and they would have bitten at once at the comment I left.

    Can't have independent thought where New Labours brown shirts are concerned, as it may well upset their Trotsky apple cart.

  5. I will be sticking around for a while work permitting.
    Also will be looking forward to meeting
    the odd drone.

  6. I'm with D&C - just launch on the offensive, constantly. Righteous don't like that and don't know how to cope with it. The moment you give a little leeway to them by way of saying "I'm not.... but", they come after you. I've barely had any trolls (although my traffic isn't monumental, granted). I just stick to my principle of getting it said in as few words as possible.

    Glad to see you've been editing accordingly ;-)

  7. Cheers Corrugated there is one thing I have learnt in business if you cannot take a little advice/critisism and decide to act accordingly/change a little what you do, you are doomed to fail.
    I decided to change that post myself after some thought as it seemed the obvious thing to do.
    As I have said earlier both barrels will be loaded when I comment in future.

  8. That has to be one of the most succinct, truthful and humorous blogs I have read. Well done!

  9. Thankyou Filthy Engineer & Rugfish you are
    both too kind, I will endeavour to keep it as real & humorous as possible.