Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Staged Events For The Citizens?

Sorry about lack of posts recently to any of the few regular visitors, I've been busy last couple
of weeks working, travelling and playing (a bit).

There was a meeting today I caught on the news at that church/hall in London as far as I could gather
where Gordoom got up and talked rubbish as usual in a vain attempt to salvage his campaign for the General Election.

At this event a man who was described as a well known anti nuclear protestor jumped up and made
an arse of himself holding up a poster saying "NuKiller Power No".

He was also described as an anti smoking protestor, so a professional arse then, not satisfied with
one issue tearing away at his insides he has two issues with which to be righteous about.

However it still did not answer why such a well known protestor could make it inside, and why he seemed to put up little resistance when led off stage initially by one man only?

The whole thing seemed odd and staged in order to give Gordoom a boost possibly or just some attention?
Well maybe we will never know but it seemed phoney to me all the same.

There was at this Citizens UK shindig a couple of speakers other than Broon, one of which appeared
to be a priest or vicar of some sort.
 He appeared to be wearing a dog collar anyway so I can only presume, I also did not catch his name.

I bring this up as this man sporting the dog collar kept reffering to the audience as citizens?

What the hell is all that about? This meeting/rally was a barely disguised communist party get together,
one can only wonder why any Labour supporter of old would lap this crap up?

The loony/staged protester moron was not what disturbed me it was the rest of what was said that did,
The Gorgon even brought up slavery again just so he could give Barry Obama a mention.

 If you get a chance give it a look hereLoony protestor at weird commie rally, there was something
profoundly disturbing about the whole affair and I mean more than the usual lying guff the politicans come out with.
I can only presume it's going to be even weirder in the next couple of days before polling day.


  1. Yeah, but New Labour have still got their final card left to play in this game of "No scrupels".

  2. Yep that's right dazed people have complained about this up
    here but it has always fallen on deaf ears.