Saturday, 8 May 2010

Plan To Move Number 10

Another solution is at hand after the International Rescue attempts failed earlier today.
We now have to go to plan B.

Call in the MegaMovers from Channel 5 & Discovery channel.
They have given a reasonable estimate of £300k to jack up 10 Downing Street with Gordoom Inside
 & safely transport him up to his constituency.

Gordo keeps his shiney desk at No 10 and we can re-build the section of Downing Street with
cheap Labour from Eastern Europe.

Total estimate £320k  - £300 Grand for the Good ole U.S of A Moving Team and £20 Grand for the Polish type Building crew  Bargain!
Who said unfettered immigration is not useful !
Artist's Impression of the Planned No 10 Downing Street Move.


  1. Does the PM *have* to reside in Number 10? If Nick and Dave bash out an agreement Dave could go see Liz and kiss her ring or whatever it is he has to do.

    Leave Brown to fester in Downing Strasse and set up anew some place else. Next door to Tony Blair perhaps, so the PM's security can make Blair's life a misery rather than his security make everyone else's lives there a misery.

  2. He He Gareth Maybe we should get a competition going best alternative to No 10?

  3. Do we need a whip round or would this be tax deductible, Maybe we should send him the bill afterwards eh!

  4. Nice one Indy I'd whack a tenner in the pot.

  5. Thanks for becoming goodfellas Goodnight Vienna & Deniersaurus-rex!