Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hung Parliament?

As I said in a previous post I get the distinct feeling that a hung parliament is on the cards, so that
when the financial crap comes down on us as in Greece they can all stand there pointing fingers at one another.

Or we could have a real upset and find many more Independent or smaller parties gaining seats, wouldn't that be something to be proud of.

I have just watched the BBC news they gave the final word to Broon I noticed, oh what joy it would be if every single M.P currently sitting lost it to someone new as payback for the expenses scandals.

It may not be likely but it would be glorious.

I have just noticed also that hazel Blears is running in the Salford constituency for Nulabour the cheeky bitch,
she is seriously despised in that constituency after the expenses debacle burnt her, only plebs and the feckless will vote for her again and if she does manage to hold that seat the people of Salford deserve all the crap coming their way they really do.

But you never know in Salford as elsewhere we may just see something great occur all three main parties getting a drubbing.

After watching the polls it is evident they haven't a clue what is going to happen.

 I will be watching with interest, it looks like the only choice where I am in the Blackley ward is between UKIP & the BNP looks like it may be a tough choice, but that is it in these parts and as Leg Iron points out
only the BNP has said they will sort out the smoking ban.

Whereas UKIP seem to offer all the Quango Scrapping goodness & E.U. scrapping of red tape etc...
Even if they don't do massively well a few M.P's from either party will stick one in the eye of the corrupt bunch of twats we have at the moment.


  1. Bogey, I think the Tories will get a small majority, the polls are swinging their way at last. Arsehole, out on his ear. That will do for me my old mucka!

  2. Aye that would do for me too darky!