Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Climate Change Waffle

Did any body hear Chris Packham on 5 live yesterday?

He was on spouting a load of rubbish about climate change, I haven't heard
too much of it of late on TV in general or radio.

Yesterday however old packham was also slagging offjeremy  Clarkson for being an idiot etc...

Now whatever opinion you have about Clarkson at least he is not afraid of pointing
out the obvious about Global Warming bollocks.

Yesterdays radio programme featuring Packtard spouting a load of rubbish and
using the old trick of the righteous of trying to talk down to people and labelling them
with names.

This situation is wrong on so many levels its not even real, the persistance of the BBC
lickspitlle Packham and associated chums there to protect all their pension money
(alledgedly Most of the BBC has it's pension pot invested in Geen Technology Stocks) is

It seems there is a long way to go still before the corpse of Climate change is put to rest.

The other thing that really pissed me off was the presenter, who if I remember correctly
was that coke snorting moronic half wit Richard Bacon what an utter no talent sniggering
waste of oxygen twat faced bollocks he is.

Bacon just seemed to giggle & snigger when Packtard was having a go at Clarkson
and didn't challenge Packtards view at all.

If anything needs sorting out soon it's the Left wing Fuckwits at the BBC if not
we will end up with another 15 years of communist shite pouring at our expense
like a broken USSR toilet.

They let up for a couple of weeks but have started it again no doubt even though
the new Government is axing is advertising budget good Old Auntie will fill
in on the bollocks as usual.
And before any body points out that I am name calling also, then whats
good for the goose etc.....


  1. Yep, I heard the tree hugging fucktard spouting his global warming bollocks, on that bacon dick's excuse of a radio program.

    That pair of sniveling little shits need flushing down the pan. Sooner the better.

    Now that's what I call recycling ;-)

  2. Banned left this one over at my place - typical, Lefty BBC morons in action, pmsl.....

    " A discussion on Radio 4 this afternoon, chatting about Arctic Puffins; some zoological data pointed to a decline in numbers in the 19th century. Bloke one said "as the result of climate change". Bloke two, clearly embarrassed, "Yes, but natural climate change" before bloke one quickly changed the subject. "

    Clueless, dogma-spouting twat! ;-)

  3. Actually all that's going to happen is that we all go the way of Greece, culturally-speaking, I mean. The Greeks long ago realised that tax authorities cannot trace cash in hand, so the Greeks now do a hell of a lot of their monetary transactions cash in hand and simply don't involve the Government at all if they can help it. Most Muslim areas of the world are like this, too; Muslim governments long ago turned into iniquitous money-grabbing bastards so the hawala money exchange system was devised to move cash about without the Governments getting their greedy paws on the loot.

    This sort of thing is so prevalent that researchers have even written papers on the topic; the higher the local tax rates, the more likely people are to deal cash in hand and try to shut out the Government and dodge the unfair taxes.

    Climate Change and the EU's new Bank Bailout Tax will act in just the same way, and simply force up the perceived levels of tax that the man in the street feels. This in turn will lead to a rampant black economy, ubiquitous tax dodging and the reduction in actual collected tax back down to a fairly low level, which in turn ought to rein in the greed of the Government in question.

  4. Barking Spider I missed that one, but no surprise there really the pathetic attempts
    by the beeb trying to push this crap on us is akin
    to fingernails scratching at the blackboard.

  5. Anonymous, you are right about the black market
    the trouble is when Governments exert more and more pressure on people they push them to the
    black market side of business.
    I have just paid my corporation tax which is extortionate, the money the government have
    taken from me would have gone towards new premises or employing somebody.
    The trouble with people with socialist tendencies see all business owners as fat cat
    types, they don't realise the damage they do to the economy as a whole taxing us all to death.
    I for one would support scrapping all of the taxes currently and going for a flat rate scheme across the board that is a fair way as you then have a choice on what you pay taxes on.
    I sometimes think of all the tax we pay as a company and just despair at tyhe amount of money wasted over the years that I could have made work and provide jobs.
    sorry to rant on a bit but I really do wonder what lpanet these muppets live on.