Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Love And Modern Relationships

Bit long winded this post so sorry for that but it's not a subject I can keep short......

Somewhere in the not to distant past people got together as a result of local circumstance or in some cases "fate" was bestowed upon them and it can still happen, or maybe as happens frequently in some cultures around the world today people are paired in pre-arranged marriage type setups.

Couplings from all three arrangements set out above can either end up really succsessful for all concerned and for different reasons or can end up a sad disaster.

There seem to be no easy roads to paired bliss whatever your particular circumstance or personal & cultural leanings.

However there seems to be an elephant in the room when it comes to matters of the basics of building
some kind of family unit for oneself.   (In this country at least).

I am not talking about cultural splits or sexual preference divides between people as these issues have
supossedly been ironed out or so we are told.

It seems when I look around that the older baby boomer generation have fairly held stuff together and I am talking all races, religions and creeds here. But not in all cases.

Also when I look at say the middle class types and people of certain cultures here with us now I see an asseblance of marriages, attempted marriages for whatever reason and a general  air of giving it a go.

The other reflection I get from this kaleidoscope of human relationships are the feckless and the impulsive almost uncaring people, these people seemingly engage in all manner of destructive relationships in order to gain something.

This gain I talk of is usually financial but not always, sometimes it involves power or hereditary notions.

This is what always makes me laugh about the commonalities between the 'chav' type classes and the so named 'upper classes' they have so much more in common than either will easily admit.

Both sets of  'Chav & 'upper' classes seem to be fixated with money, belongings and territorial matters than
is healthy.

You could swap the clothes and situations of either and the same outcomes would undoubtedly play out.

There seems to have come about a situation in this country at least where it has been made almost impossible to engage in a relationship with somebody unless you are willing to fall into a trap, the sort the vietcong would be proud of.

If you are a single man in modern Britain now who happens not to be say of a homosexual persuasion or a foriegn culture or a chav or even a hooray henry type your options for a basic family set up are severely limited.

There are various reasons for this current situation most of which are to do with our politicians obsession with micro engineering society r.e. :  the benefits system, multiculturalism, religious pandering etc.

As a red blooded male finding easy sex is not a problem and not the kind you have to pay for either, but in the back of your mind you are ever vigilant to the potential pitfalls that await you.

  As for attempting a serious relationship based on love equality sharing caring etc... forget it you have to be mental these days to expect any of that in the longterm, sooner or later the system will catch up with you.

Most men in my eyes these days are just suckers in waiting or rather slaves in waiting, you meet a woman have a kid and how long before she gets fed up/bored of you?

How long before the combination of her friends and T.V take effect?

And think if you have children that will make all the difference? Erm... No the state(Tax Payer) will provide for them and your ex, And most of YOUR future earnings SUCKER!

I am talking as a childless male who has never been married before you cry out that I'm a bitter divorcee or something because i'm not.
I just figured this crap out for my self before being enslaved, I also am not a mysoginist either.

I just despair at the utter shambles politicans, single interest groups, sheer greed and even some religions have made of this situation.

You have to ask this question (honestly) and anwer it (honestly) before shouting me down to loudly
and it is this : Why would any man get married these days?
You'd have to be mental or seriously loved up as it's the only two reasons I can come up with.

The elephant in the room nobody want's to address : what's in it for us blokes anymore?

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