Sunday, 25 April 2010

Ballooning and Islam

Apologies to any readers however few you are I have been away for the past few days, busy on business & pleasure so been to busy to post recently.

I helped unfurl & setup a hot air balloon at the weekend with lots of other people and it was strangely involving a satisfying ( that's the ballooning bit).

Last Friday was a bit of a shocker for me as I was in Reading ( Berkshire) town centre on business and on the surface (and very center of the shopping district) all appeared to be the same as it was whenever I have visited before.

I am staying in a private residence and not a hotel a couple of minutes walk from the town centre itself and I have been here many times before and on all days of the week but the shock came at the number of Islamics
congregating on the streets and street corners this time around.

There seems to have been a fairly steady rate of people coming and going of all sorts but
the sheer number of what appeared to be a mixture of african and asian Islamics waiting for friday prayers
was astonishing.

I thought things were moving at a pace of change up in Manchester fairly rapidly but it appears here
in Reading also.

The thing is if you travelled from one of the leafy areas around Berkshire and only ventured in and out of the town centres in Reading you would be oblivious to the changes going on nearby, and furthermore would probably wonder what all the fuss was about.

I also could see the effects of the smoking ban and this greater influx of a different culture, and is the usual - pubs have closed down or gone polish (along with some off licences) and I even noticed the local Co-Op
a source of familiar goods to purchase has gone.

The Co-Operative shop has been turned into one of those strange cash and carry shops with all of the unusual foodstuffs on offer etc to cater for the newcomers.

Integration?  Not a chance.

I really feel seriously concerned for what our political masters of the last 25 years or so have done to this country all in the name of Multiculturalism.

Well as far as my experience goes recently there is no "Integration" only a takeover of traditional places
by foreign cultures.

If anybody reading this still harbours dreams and ideals of a happy clappy lets get together existence,
then I have news for you It's not going to happen the pace of takeover by the newcomers has simply pushed out traditional  English culture in this case an others, no negotiation just taken over.

Sooner or later the indigenous population will run out of places to escape/move to and then what?

I shudder to think of it but that's the problem that will eventually rear it's ugly head ,with wishy-washy thinking still continuing on the matter of immigration this will only continue unabated.


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